IINsider’s Digest: 18 Facts About Food Waste, Strict School Food Guidelines Lead to Less Weight Gain, and more…

At IIN, we often talk about what our food does for us, but in turn, we need to show respect for our food. Civil Eats shares 18 little known facts about food waste that can help us all become more conscious consumers.

A solid argument against "Freedom of Choice"? States with strict guidelines regarding school snacks are gaining ground over obesity. Children in those public schools gained less weight over a three-year period than those in more lenient states. (NY Times)

After being interviewed several times about the Nike "Find Your Greatness" ad, IIN guest lecturer David Katz takes a step back to consider the true message that the commercial conveys. (Huff Post)

You Know Health Coaching is Right for You When…

Health Coaches are a special bunch. Being passionate about helping people improve their health can come with some pretty funny quirks!

Even if you’re not a Health Coach, you may be surprised by how many of the following statements you can relate to. If it’s more than half, then you’re already on the road to becoming a health leader!

You know health coaching is right for you when…

  1. Your idea of the perfect day starts with a trip to farmer’s market, includes an envigorating workout, and ends with an Ayurvedic massage.
  2. Grocery shopping can last for hours because you read EVERY label.
  3. Your pantry hasn’t seen white flour in years.

Vegan on the Political Front Lines: Jill Eckart

This week’s Health Leadership Award winner, 2006 graduate Jill Eckart, has turned her personal vegan transformation into a passionate career in food politics. Working for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, led by visiting teacher Dr. Neal Barnard, Jill has shared her knowledge of plant-based nutrition with more than 200,000 people – talk about a “ripple effect!” I could not be happier to present Jill with this award, to recognize not only her accomplishments, but also her can-do attitude, which has inspired and helped countless Americans.

Vegan Reinvention
Eight years ago, I made the switch to a vegan diet. Soon after, I began to see the world through a whole new lens - who knew that you could actually use food as medicine, as prevention, as an energy booster, as a way to reverse disease? I found myself falling asleep with books like Diet for a New America and vegan cookbooks!

Olympic Medalist Turned Passionate Health Coach

When you think of Olympic athletes, what words come to mind? At Integrative Nutrition, we think of inspiration, dedication, and determination, to name a few. Nicolle Payne, two-time Olympic medalist and IIN graduate, has demonstrated all of the above - turning her passion for health and fitness into a fulfilling new career! 

Having recently left her job in Corporate America, Nicolle is channeling her energy and athletic expertise into the field of Health Coaching. She recently started her own business, Ride the Wave Nutrition, with the goal of providing Olympic-sized support and encouragement to her clients.

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?

Prior to enrolling at IIN, I was working for an Investment Banking firm in New York. Before that, I spent twenty years training and competing for Olympic level water polo. I competed in the Sydney 2000 Olympics and the Athens 2004 Olympics. I earned a silver medal and a bronze medal!

IINsider’s Digest: Grad teams up with Martha Stewart, McDonald’s sales slump, and more…

Clean Plates, the guide to healthy, sustainable, organic restaurants (founded by 2005 graduate Jared Koch) has teamed up with Martha Stewart's Whole Living magazine for a bi-weekly digital column featuring famous chefs and their favorite healthy ingredients.

We're all familiar with the connection between kids' toys and junk food - from Cracker Jacks to Happy Meals. But the Lunchables brand is raising the bar, with their massive  "Never Be Bored Again" sweepstakes. (New York Times)

The Senate and House are going head-to-head over a fresh produce program that services schools in low-income areas. The House would like to introduce frozen, canned, and dried goods, but the Senate fears the ruling would fund a range of unhealthy choices. (Washington Post)

Pressure to reduce sodium and saturated fat levels in the American Diet have dairy producers in a bit of a tight squeeze. “If you really want to make bad cheese, make a low-fat, low-sodium one,” said Lloyd Metzger, a professor of dairy science at South Dakota State University. (New York Times)

Olympic IINspiration: Exercise Right For Your Type

If you have been watching the London Olympics, you might be dreaming of landing the perfect vault, winning gold in the 400-meter freestyle, or sprinting to victory in the 100-meter dash.

As many Health Coaches know, the range of sports and body types represented by the Olympics is proof that there isn’t a one-size-fits all way to exercise. While running a marathon might work for your best friend, you may find that you’re better suited for yoga or swimming.

According to John Douillard, visiting teacher and board member at Integrative Nutrition and author of Body, Mind, and Sport, each of the Ayurvedic doshas – or types – work better with different types of exercise.

Health Leadership Award: Holli Thompson

This week I am pleased to present the Health Leadership Award to a graduate who has achieved exceptional personal and professional success, Holli Thompson. Abandoning her stylish New York City career in high-end fashion to enrich her primary food in small-town Virginia, Holli found herself happily married but chronically ill. Despite various medications and numerous doctors, it wasn’t until Holli delved into her own personal interest in nutrition that she was able to achieve optimal health. Her desire to share this experience with others led her to IIN, and I couldn’t be more proud of her contributions to our community.

We Asked, You Answered

We love interacting with our Integrative Nutrition community online, including our Facebook page! This week we tapped into your most IINspiring accomplishments.

We asked:

What is the goal you are most proud of achieving?

You answered:

Finishing a half marathon. – Christine R.

Losing almost 100 pounds and learning to eat real food. – Rochelle S.

Falling in love, enrolling at IIN, & starting my own business. – Zesty Living

Becoming an Ironman, and inspiring many others to get moving! – Heather F.

Getting my Yoga certification, getting married, and enrolling at IIN - all within three months! – Kristen H.

Health Coach on a Medical Mission

Integrative Nutrition graduate Kathi Naumann always made healthy eating a priority, but it wasn’t until she overcame serious illness that she decided to dedicate her life to the study of nutrition. With the desire to help others find health and happiness, she learned about Integrative Nutrition and immediately enrolled in the Health Coach Training Program.

Since graduating in 2005, Kathi started her own company, Natural Nutrition Services, and has partnered with camps and hospitals to educate medical patients about the core principles of a healthy lifestyle. What a rewarding career!

New Study Suggests Health Coaches Are Key to Weight Loss

Does the support of a Health Coach increase the likelihood that people will reach their health goals? All signs point to yes.

Findings from a pilot study conducted at the Miriam Hospital’s Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center show that obese individuals participating in a weight loss program that were supported by a professional Health Coach or peer lost clinically significant amounts of weight (i.e., at least 5 percent of their initial body weight).

Interestingly, the weight losses were comparable to the amount of weight lost by patients participating in a more intensive behavioral intervention with twice as many treatment sessions.

Health Coaches offer additional support, accountability, and information to motivate behavioral change between treatment visits, which is likely why weight loss patients get better results when working with a coach.

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