How to Cultivate Gratitude This Holiday Season

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up this week, gratitude is on everyone’s mind. It’s a great time to reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for, big or small.

At Integrative Nutrition, we value all things that contribute to health and happiness, whether it’s the food you eat or the joy you experience with loved ones.

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Sharon's Take: How do I explain my career change to friends and family?

Changing careers is a big decision. As a little kid I had all kinds of ideas about what I wanted to be when I grew up - astronaut, veterinarian, teacher, journalist, you name it; around 8th grade I settled on acting. Musical Theatre was my deepest passion. My walls were covered with Playbills and I listened to nothing but the latest Broadway hits.

I lived my dream. I majored in musical theatre, moved to NYC, auditioned in the morning, and waited tables at night. It’s what I always said I would do.

But somewhere along the way my dreams changed.

Crowding Out: The Healthy Way to Ride Out the Holidays

Halloween kicked off the season of sugar, and with Thanksgiving and other holidays coming up - not to mention the temptation for comfort foods during the cold weather months - it seems that unhealthy choices are everywhere.

Integrative Nutrition’s approach to situations like this is crowding out.

This concept truly flips the conventional belief about dieting on its head by adding more healthy foods to the diet rather than taking things away. By eating more vegetables, fruits, and other nutrient-dense foods, your cravings for less healthy foods will naturally diminish. There simply isn’t room for junk food and unhealthy overeating when you’re satisfied and nourished by real food!

Inside IIN Live: Learn from the Best in Health & Wellness

At the core of the Integrative Nutrition's Health Coach Training Program is our focus on holistic balance. Our program teaches students that there is no one-size-fits-all diet, and that there are many things that contribute to health beyond simply what’s on your plate.

Our graduates not only walk away with a deeper understanding of their unique health needs, but they are equipped with the skills to help others discover the same. A Health Coach is not someone who dictates rules for clients to follow, but rather, a supportive wellness mentor who provides insight and guidance to help clients uncover and fulfill what is most nourishing for them.

Inside IIN Live: Creating a Life and Career You Love

One of Integrative Nutrition’s core values is, do what you love and love what you do. Graduates of the Health Coach Training Program go on to have fulfilling careers in a wide variety of areas. From one-on-one coaching to creating healthy products and hosting workshops, Integrative Nutrition graduates find success that fulfills their personal and professional needs.

The Health Coach Training Program teaches students how to create a life and career they love. At last weekend’s conference, we were fortunate enough to hear from speakers on how to build a flourishing career that satisfies mind, body, and soul by finding financial freedom and overcoming fears.

IIN Fall Conference Highlights

Integrative Nutrition conferences are an incredible opportunity for students and graduates of the Health Coach Training Program to come together, hear from inspiring speakers, and connect with the mission of our school.

While Integrative Nutrition offers a primarily online education, we recognize the importance of having a strong community and relish these amazing weekends where Health Coaches walk away transformed and united in a common goal: to make the world a healthier, happier place.

Watch the video below to see highlights from our recent conference. We hope you can join us at the next one!

Why I Chose Integrative Nutrition

I get asked all the time why I picked the Institute for Integrative Nutrition when I was searching for a nutrition school to attend. For me, there were many layers to my decision that I’d love to share with you, but ultimately the things that attracted me to the program may be different than the things that inspire you to attend, so I recommend chatting with a member of the admissions team so they can personalize the discussion to your goals and help you decide if Integrative Nutrition is the right fit for you, too. 

VIDEO: Dr. Harville Hendrix on Relationships

The health of our relationships can be an overlooked aspect of our overall well-being, yet they play a major role in how we feel about ourselves and others, and how we move through life.

In this interview, Dr. Harville Hendrix, IIN speaker and couples therapist with over 40 years of experience, talks about the importance of having safety in our relationships so that our hunger for connection is satisfied and we do not seek to fulfill it elsewhere.

Watch the video below for a valuable perspective on how positive relationships contribute to health and healing. Do you find this to be true in your life? Share in the comments below!

The Irony of Creating a Successful Health Coaching Business

In any industry, creating a successful business takes hard work. Health coaching is no exception. 

I often I meet Health Coaches who are stress eating chocolate kale chips with one hand and furiously trying to learn Pinterest with the other. They worry about closing the deal and if they should rent office space. Their home life is a bit of a mess. They may have lost weight as part of their health journey, but it’s slowly creeping back. 

You’re Invited: Watch Integrative Nutrition’s Conference Next Weekend

Big news: we’re holding our Fall Conference next weekend in New York City, and you’re invited to watch it live on your computer, tablet, or smartphone! 

We’ll be broadcasting this special event via Live Stream on Saturday, November 8. This is your chance to experience firsthand the incredible energy and enthusiasm of Integrative Nutrition’s live events! 

What: Learn from health and wellness super stars LIVE on our Fall Conference Live Stream

When: Saturday, November 8, 2014

Time:  10am – 4pm Eastern Time (watch for an hour or stay the whole day – your choice!)

Where: Your computer, tablet, or smartphone (anything with internet!)

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