Healthy Restaurant Roundup: New Openings From IIN Grads!

Forget Yelp and other restaurant guides—what we really want is a guide to all the incredible restaurants, juice bars, and cafés that Integrative Nutrition graduates have been opening around the world!

There are so many unique things you can do with a Health Coaching certification, and sharing nourishing food with others is a powerful way of helping spread health and happiness throughout the world. In the 22 years Integrative Nutrition has been training Health Coaches, countless grads have come on to open up diverse, delicious, and healthy eating establishments. Here’s a roundup of five great recently-opened spots:

IIN Depth: Are Health Coaches the Future of Healthcare?

There’s no debate about whether or not there’s a global health crisis right now, or about the fact that our healthcare system is broken.

The real question to be answered is: how will we solve these problems?

In this video, Health Coach Maria Marlowe addresses that question, and offers one potential answer: Health Coaching.

She lays out some startling facts about the health of the American population today and staggering numbers about our healthcare system, and explains why there’s a structural problem with that system that leaves a major gap. Are Health Coaches prepared to bridge that gap?

Some major corporations and prominent medical professionals seem to think so, but the American public may not be ready to embrace this new type of medical professional.

Your Infographic Guide to Sprouting!

Sprouted breads, sprouted chickpeas, sprouted soy—what’s the big fuss about sprouting these days?

Quite a lot, actually.

Many of the whole foods so essential to our nutrition, like protein-packed beans or fiber-filled grains, are very difficult to digest in their non-sprouted form. Soaking and sprouting seeds, nuts, grains, or legumes helps to not only ease the digestion process, but also make their nutrients more bio-available and eliminate toxins like phytic acid and trypsin inhibitors.

IIN Expert Advice: Avocado Oil vs. Coconut Oil

Recently, nutritionist and Integrative Nutrition teaching expert Keri Glassman weighed in on Access Hollywood with her thoughts on the avocado oil vs. coconut oil debate.

Coconut oil has been the superstar of the superfood arena for some time now, but recently there’s been a lot of buzz about the oil from avocados. In her column, Keri gives a little background on both before giving her verdict.

Can This Microbe Cure The Food Allergy Epidemic?

You probably know at least a few people who suffer from food allergies, whether it’s almonds, gluten, soy, or something else.

In a society where 60-70% of people have some sort of food allergy, it’s easy to look at these intolerances as commonplace, even natural. They’re not. The prevalence of food allergies is skyrocketing—children suffering from them increased by 50% between 1997 and 2011—and though no one is quite sure why, it’s fairly clear that it has something to do with how and what we eat today.

To Transform Your Life, Transform Your Plate

What did you eat this weekend? Maybe you celebrated the late summer sunshine by having a barbecue, or cooled off with a deliciously indulgent ice cream cone, or got creative with a farmers market bounty.

What will you eat for lunch today? What will you serve your family for dinner tonight?

The answer to any one of those individual questions may not be important on its own, but the sum of these answers does—quite literally and powerfully—make up your life.

What you eat affects your physical health, your energy, your mood; it shapes the way you interact with others, the passion with which you pursue your goals, even what those goals are.

If you are what you eat, then you can be what you choose.

VIDEO: Joshua Rosenthal Master Class

“There’s no question that Health Coaching is the future of healthcare.” 

That was how IIN founder and director Joshua Rosenthal began an exclusive master class he recently conducted with a small group of Integrative Nutrition students. 

That's also the visionary truth that led him to found Integrative Nutrition 22 years ago. In this special class, Joshua shares his personal journey, and how what he saw in the world sparked a desire in him to not only found the largest nutrition school in the world, but also inspire a global movement. 

Ask a Health Coach: What If I Want to Be a Health Coach but Don't Feel Ready to Go Back to School?

Dear Shannon,

I really want  to be a Health Coach, but I don't feel quite prepared to go back to school. Will I be able to handle Integrative Nutrition's Health Coach Training Program?

-Amy, Wisconsin

You're not alone Amy. I used to hear this with some frequency when I spoke to prospective students as a member of the admissions team here at Integrative Nutrition. And you know what? Months later I’d get emails from these same people saying how much they were enjoying their schooling and how they wish they had gotten started earlier instead of putting off starting this new chapter of their lives.

Integrative Nutrition Announces New Partnership with California Institute of Integral Studies

Part of what sets Integrative Nutrition apart is that it's not just a school, it’s a movement. We’re reminded of this larger movement every day, when we see the struggles of others on their journeys toward health, global shifts in perspectives on nutrition, and individuals working to help improve the health of those around them. Another powerful reminder of this movement is other educational institutions working to train people to improve health and happiness in the world.

California Institute of Integral Studies is one of those institutions, and we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with them. 

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