Pilar Gerasimo

Pilar Gerasimo is the chief creative officer at Integrative Nutrition, the founding editor of Experience Life magazine, and a cohost of The Living Experiment podcast. She will be emceeing the event and facilitating a panel discussion built in part on audience-suggested questions.

Tom Blue

Tom Blue is the director of strategic initiatives at the Institute for Functional Medicine. He will be forecasting where the emerging field of chronic disease reversal is headed and about the exciting role that Health Coaches will play in the coming wave of health transformation initiatives.

Ihotu Jennifer Ali

Ihotu Ali is an Integrative Nutrition graduate, body worker, doula, dancer, and social justice advocate who holds a master’s degree in public health. Ihotu will be sharing her own Voices of Experience story, including why she left a budding career at the United Nations to do hands-on work centered on “the healing in justice, the justice in healing.”

Megan Kalocinski

Megan Kalocinski is an Integrative Nutrition graduate, an IIN Coaching Circle coach, and the founder/owner of Empower Nutrition & Health Coaching. She will be showcasing an interactive coaching demonstration – and inviting you to practice it yourself.

Michelle Maldonado

Michelle is a sought-after mindfulness and leadership consultant and a teacher at Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. A former attorney, Michelle will be presenting on the essential but often overlooked professional skills that all Health Coaches need to succeed in an increasingly high-tech future.