February 11, 2010
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March 4, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day from Grad Arielle Fierman

Arielle Fierman is a graduate of Integrative Nutrition and now works as a health counselor and jeWELLry designer.   Arielle’s signature accessory- the “iloveme” ring -inspires us to love and care for ourselves which will in turn open our hearts so that we can share that love with others.  How appropriate for a truly Happy Valentine’s Day!

What were you doing before IIN?

Before IIN, I worked in special events and public relations for a large cosmetics company in NYC.

What led you to explore IIN's program?

Growing up, I was surrounded by the concept of quick-fix diets and the idea that attaining outer beauty came from spending lots of money on the best creams and perfect shades of lipstick.  I wanted to design and live a life where I could learn how to achieve beauty and health from within.  I attended an IIN information session and decided that it was not only time to learn from the experts, but also a chance to align myself with like-minded friends.

What did you learn at IIN?

Aside from switching my attention away from bad foods and toxic people, I learned that health isn’t just about nourishing your body through food. – it’s a healthy combination of practices that are critical in looking great and feeling fantastic – these may include (and are by no means restricted to) nurturing good relationships, engaging in positive thinking, practicing self-care and exercising on a daily basis!

What do you love about the school?

I love IIN because it continues to encourage me to find my niche and mesh both of my passions- wellness and jewelry.  My work as a Holistic Health Counselor and JeWELLry Designer has given me the opportunity to use my education and creativity to shine my light and inspire others.  I now have a successful business doing what I love.  I feel accomplished everyday when I go to sleep and revved up each day when I wake up!

Your studies led you to start a business. What's the name of your business?  Tell us about your practice.

In 2009, I founded Be Well with Arielle health counseling and jeWELLry company that celebrates inner and outer beauty.  I am devoted to inspiring women to look and feel beautiful, inside and out…one iloveme ring and kale chip at a time!  All of my jeWELLry is designed with the intention of uplifting the chakras (energy centers within the body) which reflect inner beauty and balance the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual energies.  I use reclaimed materials and infuse each piece with energy healing Reiki. Every piece is handmade in New York City with love.

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