January 20, 2011
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March 4, 2021

Graduate Siv Sjöholm: Her Success is Vitality!

Integrative Nutrition graduate, Siv Sjöholm, was an international model that found herself off balance and emotionally and physically unhealthy and unhappy. On a break from modeling, she sought out Integrative Nutrition to regain health, wellness and balance in her life. She transformed her life and career upon enrolling in the Health Coach Training Program and has been on a successful journey ever since. She is currently living her dream life with a thriving health coaching business, Success Is Vitality! We got the chance to hear more about her story...

What were you doing before Integrative Nutrition?

Before Integrative Nutrition, I studied business in college, worked some for our family company Delux in Finland and had a 10 year international modeling career. I was making good money and living all over the world but I was unfulfilled and burned out as some years I flew as much as 365 flights a year. After the many years of modeling and the deeper stress and heart ache of losing my dear brother Jan, I got very off balance, which started to show physically in my body as well as emotionally.

Why did you choose to go to Integrative Nutrition?

I was now 25 yrs old, doing pretty well career wise, but was unhealthy and unhappy. I was infertile when I was supposed to be in a woman's peak fertility years. I had skin problems, digestive issues, anxiety and my relationships did not last. I took a total break from modeling and went to IIN in an attempt to find balance and heal myself as I couldn't find the solutions from doctors. I healed within a year just with foods and healthy, natural life style choices, most which I learned from IIN. As my life was transformed, I found my new passion and career in holistic health and wanted to be able to help others heal as well. I founded Success Is Vitality and I've loved every single day!

What's the best part about Integrative Nutrition’s online course?

I did the live courses in NYC myself which was a fantastic experience and education. I can’t exactly share my experience of doing the course online but I have only heard good feedback from it. However I can imagine many benefits of it such as it being even more affordable, more convenient as it is then accessible to you from the comfort of your home. The education itself certainly is extremely valuable to anyone!

What are your future plans?

I have never been this fulfilled spiritually and look forward to growing in that aspect more and more. I’m happily married to my wonderful husband Kirk and am very committed to staying that way and becoming a better wife to him. We are expecting our first child, so I plan to be a mother and will do my best to be a good one.

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I will continue working with private clients. I love my clients, all of whom inspire me and I am so proud of the major transformations they go through with the Success Is Vitality Program. I will work more and more with larger corporations as well here in the US, as I have done in Scandinavia. It inspires me to be able to positively affect the health of bigger groups and communities at once as well as help corporations decrease their health care costs and increase the productivity and satisfaction of their employees. I am currently writing my first book and also seeing an increased amount of interest from the media in what I do.

I was recently featured on Fox News, Finland's Next Top Model, ELLE Magazine and other venues, which may open more new doors in the future as well. I hope to be able to continue working on the side as a model for Ford models as I have done so far along with my successful health counseling career. I feel incredibly blessed with all the wonderful opportunities and gifts in life and am looking forward to every day ahead! I do the work I do with the intention to improve the health and lives of people through out the world.

How has studying with an international Health Coach Training Program benefited you?

It has benefited me in so many ways. First and foremost, through the program I was finally able to find balance and heal my own body! Now I’m able to help others transform their health and life and I truly love the process!

Is there a need for Health Coaches in your home country?

YES there is, unfortunately Finns have adapted too much of the American diet and have many of the same health challenges, such as heart disease! We do need more of us holistic health counselors and I recommend Integrative Nutrition’s program regularly to my fellow Finns, so we are increasing in number, which is great! The other good news is people are starting to become very interested and open to this holistic approach now in Finland too!

When I first brought this concept to Finland people were interested and curious, yet as it was so new, “holistic” and different that they were also skeptical. Now that has changed and people approach me from Finland wanting to do the Success Is Vitality program all the time. In fact about 50% of my private clients are from Finland even though I am based in the US. Finns are wonderful clients too, because they’re smart and proactive. They’re ready to take responsibility for their health and love to use common sense!

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