August 16, 2012
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

You Know Health Coaching is Right for You When…

Health Coaches are a special bunch. Being passionate about helping people improve their health can come with some pretty funny quirks!

Even if you’re not a Health Coach, you may be surprised by how many of the following statements you can relate to. If it’s more than half, then you’re already on the road to becoming a health leader!

You know health coaching is right for you when…

  1. Your idea of the perfect day starts with a trip to farmer’s market, includes an envigorating workout, and ends with an Ayurvedic massage.
  2. Grocery shopping can last for hours because you read EVERY label.
  3. Your pantry hasn’t seen white flour in years.
  4. When you see your doctor, she ends most recommendations with "but, you probably already know that."
  5. You never leave the house without water and a healthy snack “just in case.”
  6. Your new best friend is someone you spent an hour talking to about gluten and lacto-fermentation.
  7. You keep a jar of coconut oil in your kitchen AND your bathroom.
  8. If you come down with a cold, you walk right past the pharmacy to the grocery store and stock up on lemons, garlic, and ginger.
  9. Your holiday wish list includes a Vitamix, a dehydrator, and a gift card to Whole Foods.
  10. Your friends and family tell you they're healthier and happier just from being around you!

Now it’s your turn! What would you add to this list?

Can you relate to anything on this list? Learn more about health coaching and find out if it's the right choice for you during our live online session on Tuesday, August 21 at 3 pm ET. Register here!

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