IINsider’s Digest: Grad teams up with Martha Stewart, McDonald’s sales slump, and more…


August 10, 2012

Last Updated:

April 30, 2015

Clean Plates, the guide to healthy, sustainable, organic restaurants (founded by 2005 graduate Jared Koch) has teamed up with Martha Stewart's Whole Living magazine for a bi-weekly digital column featuring famous chefs and their favorite healthy ingredients.

We're all familiar with the connection between kids' toys and junk food - from Cracker Jacks to Happy Meals. But the Lunchables brand is raising the bar, with their massive  "Never Be Bored Again" sweepstakes. (New York Times)

The Senate and House are going head-to-head over a fresh produce program that services schools in low-income areas. The House would like to introduce frozen, canned, and dried goods, but the Senate fears the ruling would fund a range of unhealthy choices. (Washington Post)

Pressure to reduce sodium and saturated fat levels in the American Diet have dairy producers in a bit of a tight squeeze. “If you really want to make bad cheese, make a low-fat, low-sodium one,” said Lloyd Metzger, a professor of dairy science at South Dakota State University. (New York Times)

Type 2 diabetes isn't just a disease for those who are overweight, and research suggests it may be even more deadly in those who are normal weight. (New York Times)

They may be the only one's allowed to sell fries at the Olympics, but that hasn't stopped McDonald's from hitting its first sales slump in almost a decade. (Huffington Post). In related news, Tyson, America's largest producer of meat, has noted a 61% decrease in profits this past quarter - a dip too large to be caused solely by ethical protest against the company's practices. It means, as a country, we're eating less meat. (New York Times)

Those who shop at Trader Joe's brave long lines for high quality and brand recognition at a low price. But these same loyal shoppers, and organizations such as Greenpeace, are holding the brand to its commitment to green, sustainable practices. It's one small step for a single grocery chain, but suggests the larger influence and power of consumer opinion. (The Atlantic)

Stepping up as an organ donor is a selfless, generous act. But an increasing number of obese donors will be refused the right to donate, given the complications it may cause for their own health. (New York Times)

The American Midwest has become dangerously focused on corn, to the point of overproduction. Yet corn, a notoriously bountiful crop, is highly sensitive to drought. The current weather in the corn-belt may thus prove a stiff kick-in-the-pants for monoculture agriculture.

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