January 6, 2013
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March 4, 2021

Integrative Nutrition All-Stars Honored with the Health Leadership Award

The success of Integrative Nutrition and the ripple effect we’re making in the world is due to our graduates: who they have become, what they have accomplished, and the number of lives they have changed. This week I am thrilled to honor some of our “all-star” graduates who have made a huge impact in the world of health and wellness with the Health Leadership Award. From publishing books to opening their own businesses, this group of incredible people has shown enormous dedication to their careers and to improving the lives of others. 

Stacey Morgenstern

Business Coach, Speaker, Co-Founder of Holistic MBA

In 2006 I was working as a professional cookie and pie taster. Sugar had really taken a toll on my health. I was ready for a radical change. IIN offered a way to work on myself while building a meaningful career. I spent months searching online for the best nutrition school. Nothing compared to what IIN was offering – the celebrity guest faculty, the live events, the power of community, the personal growth and seeing so many grads making a great living while changing the world!

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Robert Notter

robertMarketing and Business Development Expert and Coach, Speaker

I was continually amazed by all that I was able to learn about myself, as well as how I could share that knowledge with people I care about.  I uncovered the person who I truly was inside - a powerful, caring and committed man who was ready to do big things!  I was accepted for who I am and my uniqueness was encouraged and appreciated. I was part of a family of like-minded people who celebrate life and community.

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careyCarey Peters

Business Coach, Speaker, Co-Founder of Holistic MBA

My biggest accomplishement since graduating has been being asked to guest star as the Health Coach Expert on the Yahoo original web series "Reluctanly Healthy" with my health coaching client actress Judy Greer, where our episodes regularly get over 1 million + views! Also, co-founding Holistic MBA, to teach thousands of holistic health and wellness practitioners advanced business, money, marketing and coaching skills.

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Karin Witzig Rozellkarin

Marketing Expert and Coach, Author, Speaker

I’ll never forget the first weekend of classes at IIN in 1999. There were people from all walks of life, yet we all had a passion for health and nutrition that connected us. And it was the first time that I felt at home with others. I was so moved by this connection and sense of purpose that I went home with tears of joy. From there, EVERYTHING changed. My future, my career (at the time I was also enrolled in a registered dietitian program and I launched my practice well before graduating either program!), my friends (to this day, my best friends in the world come from IIN), my relationships and so much more. IIN has been the launching pad for a real, meaningful life on many, many levels.

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andreaAndrea Beaman

Natural foods chef, author and television host

So many accomplishments! I self-published three books that inspire people to eat quality food and take better care of themselves; I created DVDs that guide people toward healing their endocrine disorders (Thyroid and Adrenal); I hosted two shows on a health and wellness network (Wise UP! & Fed UP!); I teach classes all over the country to thousands of people at schools and conferences; I created a new program that teaches coaches how to use Ancient Healing Knowledge to help their clients heal. Whew! I guess my biggest accomplishment is that I’m still passionate about my work, still going strong, and still sharing healing knowledge with as many people as I can before my time on this planet is finished.

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Nisha Moodley

nishaBusiness and lifestyle coach, speaker and writer

Truly elated and deeply grateful. The core of my message is the marriage of two quotes:

"The world will be saved by the Western woman," said by The Dalai Lama, and: "Be the change you wish to see in the world," said by Mahatma Gandhi. Bringing these together, I believe that in order to create the positive changes we want to see in the world, we must live the way we want to give: the world will be set free by women who are free. It is such an honor to share this message and do this work, and being awarded the Health Leadership Award is icing on the cake!

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marilenaMarilena Minucci

Personal growth expert and coach, Creator of the Quantum Coaching Method™

There is a reason you were called to do this work at this time in your life. Being a Health Coach is not what you do—it is who you are. Honor that by finding ways daily to challenge your limiting beliefs, any negative thinking, or need for perfection. Being a coach begins from within. The very things you perceive to be your limitations will in fact lead you on the path to your most authentic, attractive, successful and whole self. 

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