September 23, 2013
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

Life Lessons I’d Tell the Old Me

One of the more surprising results of my IIN education was that by learning about nutrition and developing my own health coaching practice, I grew as a person and learned some important life lessons in the process.

As the saying goes, had I known then, what I know now, I’d dish out some of this advice to myself. We all learn our lessons at the right time and these were some of the most defining ones for me:

Stop Chasing Perfection

Perfection simply doesn’t exist. Your beauty and authenticity lie in your imperfection. Likewise, there will never be a perfect time to do anything so start now, even if you don’t feel “ready.”

Save Your Money

Forget about spending your hard-earned money on the handbag of the moment and give yourself the gift of a well-padded savings account. A little budgeting and sacrifice early on will pay-off big later when you want to buy a home, travel, work with or become a health coach, start a business, or in case of an unforeseen emergency. Being smart with your money is attractive. Trust me on this one.

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Believe In Yourself

There may be people who try to discourage you. They’ll say you can’t do it or that you’re crazy for trying. These are the moments that will truly challenge you. You’ll doubt yourself and you may consider giving up. You can let it bring you down or motivate you to work harder. Build the courage and confidence you need to believe in yourself from the very beginning. Work at it everyday, because if you don’t believe in you, nobody else will.

Pursue Your Passion Above All Else

It’s easy to lose sight of your hobbies and put your dreams, like pursuing an IIN education, on the back burner. This happened to me and I find the same is common among the women I coach. Distractions like relationships, stressful jobs, or unhealthy habits have the power to disconnect us from what truly nourishes us, if we let them. Take time to explore who you are and what you love. In your passion, you’ll find your purpose.

Marissa Vicario, IIN Class of 2009, is founder of Marissa's Well-being and Health, a health coaching practice that empowers women to kiss their unhealthy habits goodbye and transform their relationship with food. She enjoys running, training for triathlons, yoga, cooking, green juice, photography and traveling. You can connect with her on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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