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The 7 Times ...
Published: June 8, 2024

The 7 Times In Life Everyone Needs a Health Coach

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No matter how healthy you consider yourself, there come times when you could use a little extra support to stay on track.

Whether you’re trying to decide if you need to see a Health Coach, or are a Health Coach yourself working with clients in need, be on the lookout for these 7 life events when your healthy habits need some extra TLC.

  1. After a breakup. Ending a significant relationship leaves a hole inside you that the relationship filled. Too often, people try to fill this hole with food, or by adopting other unhealthy habits. A Health Coach will help you nurture healthy habits during even the toughest of times, and find productive, nourishing ways to work through your heartache.
  2. When you leave your job. Whether it’s your choice or the choice of your employer, leaving a place of work can throw a wrench into your healthy routine. If you’re out of work, this can be particularly challenging, as open, unstructured days can be far more difficult to navigate than a structured schedule. Health Coaches can be essential for helping you look at the new landscape of your life and figure out how healthy living looks within it.
  3. When you start a new job. Starting a new job is exciting! It’s also very stressful. Depending on how you handle stress, this could wreak havoc on your health, whether it’s through stress-eating, lack of sleep, consuming too much caffeine, or neglecting the relationships and other primary foods in your life. Even if it’s a low-stress job, establishing healthy habits in your new work environment is a vital task, and a Health Coach can ensure you are successful.
  4. During pregnancy (and before, and after…). Creating, carrying, and giving birth to another human being is a miraculous ability, and one that requires a lot of your body. Feeling exhausted? Struggling with cravings? Want to lose the baby weight? A Health Coach will help you get to the bottom of your symptoms and take care of yourself during this special and demanding time.
  5. When you move. Moving is the worst, right? The process itself is physically and mentally strenuous. When you’re in the middle of it all, hitting the gym or the grocery store seems impossible—flipping on the TV and picking up the phone to order takeout is all you can manage. A Health Coach will not only help you figure out easy, low-energy ways to stay on track during the process, she’ll also guide you through stocking your new kitchen once you’re finally moved in!
  6. When you start cooking for others (or vice versa). Whether you’re moving in with a significant other, sharing meals with friends, or have a newly expanded family to cook for (see #4…), including other people in your healthy eating plan can present challenges. You have to consider tastes, dietary restrictions, and schedules, among other things. Without guidance, it’s difficult to find ways to keep everyone happy and healthy, and avoid cooking the same things week after week. Health Coaches can help you work through the logistics of sharing meals, and equip you with a collection of nutritious, sure-to-please recipes.
  7. If your financial situation changes drastically. Unfortunately, finances can often play a role in your health. Organic produce and other “health” foods carry a higher price tag than many of the processed, mass-produced items lining grocery store shelves, and when cash is tight, it can be tempting to opt for these low-cost, low-nutrition options. Luckily, a Health Coach can help you find ways to eat healthy that don’t break your budget, plus low-cost ways to stay fit.

What did we miss? Are there other moments in life when a Health Coach is essential to help you stay on track? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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