September 28, 2016
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

15 Delectable Apple Recipes to Enjoy During Apple Season

If you’re in the northern hemisphere during the start of the fall season then it’s likely you’re already experiencing cooler days, cozier nights, and changes in scenery. There’s so much to appreciate during this charged and abundant time of year, and among those things are definitely locally grown apples!

Not only are apples already a delicious health food, being chock full of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and dietary fiber, but accessing them from local farms when they’re in peak season has the added benefit of supporting the local economy while enjoying a much more robust flavor than when apples are shipped from long distances.

Another benefit? You can go apple-picking!

Find a local farm that has “pick your own” apple trees and get ready to spend a great day outdoors in nature, harvesting your food right from the source. Or just head over to your local farmer’s market and you’ll find apples galore there too.

Here are some delectable ways to use all those apples while they’re fresh:

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1. Apple oatmeal spiced muffins
2. Braised kale with apples and orange
3. Homemade apple sauce
4. Gluten-free, vegan apple crisp
5. Apple chips
6. Spiced apple cider
7. Healthy apple pie
8. Cabbage, radish, and apple coleslaw
9. Brown sugar and cinnamon baked apples
10. Caramel apple cream cheese spread

And here are even simpler ideas for when you don’t have time for recipes:

1. Juice them with other veggies like carrots, cucumbers, and kale, with a squeeze of fresh lemon for zest.
2. Slice them thin, then add to a peanut butter sandwich for kid’s lunches, instead of peanut butter and jelly you’ll have peanut butter and apples.
3. Lightly sauté some chopped apples in butter, cinnamon, and a little brown sugar or maple syrup, then add a couple drops of vanilla extract and toss over your morning oatmeal.
4. Enjoy with slices of cheese in place of crackers.
5. Freeze some skinned chunks, then toss them into your morning smoothies.

And of course they make a perfect and convenient healthy snack just as they are, so toss one in your purse every morning on the way to work! It’s nature’s fast food!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy this autumnal fruit? Share in the comments below!

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