Avocado Oil for Hair

January 2, 2017

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It’s hard to avoid a conversation surrounding health and nutrition without bringing up avocados, and we’re totally on board with this avocado trend!

Avocados are a deliciously creamy superfood that provide a good source of healthy fat. The oil is great for salad dressings, homemade mayo, used on your skin, and now…in your hair! This oil is gaining traction in the beauty world for it’s ability to support long, strong, and luscious hair growth.

With just one simple ingredient, you could be on your way to repairing damaged hair, adding shine, and nourishing your scalp all at the same time.

3 Reasons Why Avocado Oil is Healthy for Hair

Just like the way coconut oil and olive oil can replenish dry and brittle hair, avocado oil can do the same except with added benefits! Here are the top 3 reasons why avocado oil is so healthy for hair:

1. Avocado oil promotes hair growth: Do you find that no matter what nourishing hair products you use in your hair, and despite staying on top of your monthly hair trim you just can’t seem to grow your hair? Avocado oil may be your new secret weapon. Why? Avocado oil is packed with B-vitamins and Vitamin E, the “beauty vitamin.” This is one of the primary reasons why avocado oil can help you grow the hair of your dreams. The Vitamin E will help repair damaged hair and reduce dryness, while the B vitamins will stimulate new hair growth. Try massaging the oil into your scalp to promote blood flow to your hair follicles, and get those vitamins working on creating beautifully healthy hair.

2. Avocado oil has more monounsaturated fatty acids than other oils: You may be wondering why avocado oil is better for your hair than something like olive oil. The reason is because avocado oil is actually higher in monounsaturated fatty acids than olive oil, making it a better option for anyone who suffers with dry, and damaged hair. These fatty acids will work their magic to nourish and strengthen your hair while also protecting it from further damage. Anyone who suffers with dry hair during the colder months can greatly benefit from adding a couple of drops of avocado oil to their shampoo or conditioner for an extra moisturizing boost. 

3. Avocado oil locks in moisture: Not only does this beautiful oil promote moisture, it actually locks it in so you have moisturized hair all day long. Avocado oil carries humectant properties, simply meaning it has the ability to lock in moisture. You know those hair masks you get at the beauty salon that cost a fortune, and leave your hair feeling silky smooth for days? Well, avocado oil will do the same exact thing at a fraction of the cost. This oil is also able to protect your hair from sun damage. Try adding some avocado oil to your locks before heading out for a day in the sun to lock in moisture, and protect your hair from sun damage.

How to use Avocado Oil in Your Hair:

1. Make a nourishing hair paste: To make an avocado oil paste, simply add 2 Tbsp. avocado oil, ½ Tbsp. of raw honey, and 1 egg white into a large mixing bowl, and stir. Apply this paste to clean wet hair, and let the paste soak into your hair for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water, and then dry and brush as you normally would.

2. Make an overnight hair treatment: If your hair is in need of a major moisture overhaul, try this easy overnight hair treatment. It’s so easy to make! To get started, wash your hair as you usually would, and then add a tablespoon of avocado oil to the palm of your hand, and rub it into the ends of your hair and into your scalp. Cover your hair with a shower cap, and sleep with this treatment overnight. In the morning rinse and style as usual.

3. Make a homemade detangler: If you’re constantly battling with your hairbrush to brush out tangled hair after showering, avocado oil may be your new best friend. Try adding a couple of drops of this oil into your daily conditioner, and let it soak for 5 minutes before you rinse. The fatty acids in the oil will make your hair easier to manage, and the knots not as difficult!

If you’re looking for silky smooth healthy hair, avocado oil is a must have beauty product. It’s ther perfect natural alternative to those chemical-laden, artificial products loaded with parabens and fragrances!

Have you ever tried using avocado oil in your beauty routine? Share your experience in the comments below!

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