May 11, 2017
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

Here’s How a Health Coach Handles Being Sick

While it’s true that as Health Coaches we tend to take good care of ourselves, we’re human too. Sometimes we get colds, allergies, cramps, outbreaks, or any number of other ailments that can arise in life.

The biggest difference in how a Health Coach handles these things? We don’t ignore it!

Here are 5 things Health Coaches do when we get sick.   

  1. Get to the root of it. We rarely accept that things just “happen” and look for patterns or underlying reasons to a condition. A cold is a natural inevitability on occasion, but if colds are happening frequently, we might question if there’s an immunity issue. Similarly, if we get acne or intestinal discomfort, we may try addressing it gradually through diet, rather than merely covering up the symptoms. Health Coaches are detectives in this way, we love to figure out the reason why.
  2. Rest. Forcing our way through feeling ill only makes things worse, so we call in sick, sleep, rest, relax, breathe deep, ask for help, and take it easy until we feel better. This is the sort of thing most people know they should do, but responsibilities, deadlines, and appointments make it tough. Health Coaches prioritize rest for the sake of healing, and we’re not shy about asking for what we need.
  3. Let food be our medicine. Whatever you’ve got, chances are there’s a food for that. Health Coaches know that fresh, healthy food is alive with countless vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients that can heal. Coconut oil is a great anti-viral/anti-bacterial/anti-fungal so we might consume that or use it topically. Lemon and ginger are full of vitamin C to address a cold, avocados have healthy fats and vitamin E for skin conditions, and Apple Cider Vinegar helps with upset stomach and digestion. Forget the medicine cabinet, Health Coaches go straight to the fridge!
  4. HydrateHealth Coaches know that water is essential in flushing out whatever is bringing us down. Even if we’re not hungry you are sure to find a continuously replenished tall glass of water at our bedside, and conscious personal reminders to make sure that water is consumed. The daily recommended amount is about eight 8-ouce glasses of water, and we aim to exceed that when sick in order to help move any stagnation through the system.
  5. Move, gently. While it’s tempting to use illness as a reason to escape from the world and stay in bed for days, Health Coaches know it’s important to keep the blood and lymph moving and maintain a sense of flow in the body. Through gentle stretching, flexing, or other mild movement, we will stay active in whatever feels reasonable and energizing.

Health Coaches have seen first-hand just how effective holistic wellness practices can be. So whether it’s in prevention of potential disease, or in addressing symptoms at the core, we always try mild, natural treatments first - because it often works.

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