January 8, 2020
Last Updated:
January 9, 2020

IIN Staff Picks: New Decade, New Intentions

At the start of a new year, it’s common for many to think about the goals they want to set and what they hope to achieve in the days, weeks, and months ahead. It’s almost like they have a clean slate and get to start fresh! While some look inward when setting their intentions, others focus on their relationships, careers, exercise regimens, and eating habits. All of these play a significant role in how healthy and fulfilled we feel!

At Integrative Nutrition, we believe in the power of goal setting – not just at the beginning of a new year, but all year long, too. Nevertheless, we asked a few team members to share their 2020 intentions, and we hope they inspire you to think about what will motivate you to achieve even greater success!

  1. Set fewer goals.

“I have a habit of dreaming big and setting multiple goals, but then I never get as far as I want because my energy is divided. Setting fewer goals allows me to focus my energy.” – Jamie Wolff

2. Be gentle with your body and more consistent with exercise.

“I want to feel less soreness and tightness in my body. I work out on designated days each week, and I have a gym in my building, which helps! I want to incorporate more yoga, walking, stretching, and foam rolling and less running and other activities that are hard on my body.” – Marissa LaRocca

3. Live life to its fullest and spend more time with family and friends!

“I have a desire to lean into myself more, act from a place of confidence and pure joy, and also commit to fully appreciating the most important aspects and people of life. 1) Making plans and sticking to them by putting them into the calendar. 2) Scheduling trips with friends and family, then making payments or booking the travel right away so it’s locked in. 3) Trying one new thing every month OR committing to do one thing every month that I haven’t done in a while. For example, signing up for and playing at an open mic... it’s been years!” – Deanna Fournier

4. Up your creativity and explore new art mediums.

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“The process of creating for me is meditative and healing. I make dates with friends to take a class in a new form of art. I challenge myself to try something new. It then culminates in a year-end pop-up market where I sell my creations. I combine my bit of whimsical art with positive affirmations and inspirational messages.” – Janet Verney

5. Make the best decisions you can in the moment without overthinking.

“Because I’m overwhelmed by all the different options and things to change that could possibly improve my life, I’m thinking a less-is-more approach might be more beneficial. My system for this is to check in with myself whenever I have a decision to make, and ask ‘What feels right, right now?’ and go with that.” – Heather Freudenthal

6. Be more open to the experiences of everyone.

“Being open to others means being less judgmental. When I set goals and intentions, I usually use Post-It Notes to remind myself and center my thoughts on what I want to do moving forward.” – Mary Walsh

7. Form aligned and soulful connections.

“Having social connections that are aligned with my deepest truths is a powerful and life-affirming experience. It’s also a crucial area of primary food for me. I already have so much of this in my life, so my intention is to expand that circle, deepen my existing relationships, and draw in even more of the good stuff! This includes daily gratitude practices, showing up with an open heart – both physically and emotionally, daring to trust and evolve in relationships, and choosing to keep company that is supportive, nurturing, and kind.” – Roxi Ocasio

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