December 2, 2015
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

How to “Fit Out” During the Holidays

Many “health-conscious” people who have their own eating habits and self-care rituals often find that the biggest challenges they experience during the holiday season happen when they get together with friends and family who don’t share their wellness values, especially if those values are part of a new lifestyle.

Does this ring a bell?

Whether it means eating your grandma’s gluten-filled cookies, drinking an extra glass or two of wine with dinner, or being around people who influence us in negative ways, the holiday season brings about a whole new level of social and peer pressure making it difficult to stick with your healthy routine.

Rather than celebrating our unique preferences and personalities we try to “fit in” by downplaying what we really want to eat, do, or say in order to avoid criticism. We hide and give in, thinking that we’ll get back to our kale and yoga when it’s all over.

Let’s try something new this year…

We dare you to “fit out” during this holiday season, and always.

Fitting out means having the courage to thrive despite an environment that is less than supportive of your interests and beliefs. It means not apologizing for your wants and needs or hiding them to relieve others of inconvenience. This doesn’t mean bragging or flaunting, but simply being yourself and continuing with your healthy habits no matter where you go.

Not only do you owe it to yourself to stay true to your core values, but you would be doing a disservice to the people around you by keeping your wellness practices and preferences for wholesome food and activities to yourself.

Here are a few ways to “fit out” this holiday season.

1. Share what you know.

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If you have a new favorite recipe, workout routine, or wellness product go ahead and share it. Even if those around you aren’t that into it, they’ll likely be happy for you and all that wellness talk might just rub off on them eventually.

2. Just be your happy, healthy self.

Fitting out doesn’t have to mean preaching from the rooftops, just staying present and true to yourself is all you need to do. Maybe that means going for a run while everyone sleeps in, or offering to make a healthy side dish. Just going with your own inner flow without pressuring anyone will likely make everyone equally accepting of each other.

3. Stay open.

There is more than one way to do everything, so don’t assume that your way is the best. Just because your Great Aunt Betty eats nothing but pasta and doesn’t seem to drink enough water doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy. If she’s a spunky 85-year-old granny who’s full of love and life then who are you to judge her gluten intake? Just remember to stay focused on the big picture and enjoy yourself.

The holiday season may be a tempting time to abandon your wellness routine and indulge, but with an eye on balance and fitting out you can enjoy your down time and stay healthy too.

Looking for an easy way to fit out this holiday season? Get our Gluten-Free Holiday Recipe Guide with 24 delicious recipes here!

What’s been your experience of “fitting out”? Share with us in the comments below!

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