October 26, 2021
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October 27, 2021

Jordan Younger on Her Spirituality, Healing from Illness & Embracing Joy Daily

Jordan Younger is an IIN graduate and founder of the brand The Balanced Blonde (TBB), and she is passionate about sharing her passion for holistic health with her community on her Instagram and website. We had the opportunity to speak with Jordan about her health journey, including how she’s getting ready to welcome her first child into her family and how spirituality plays a major role in her wellness routine.


We know you are prepping to be a mom! Is there something you can share about how you’re preparing emotionally, physically, and spiritually? We're sure there are many moms-to-be reading this who will feel connected to your story.

Emotionally: I am removing so much from my plate so that I can be as present as possible when my baby boy comes. Being pregnant made me realize that, although I had slowed down my life a lot, I still had a long way to go. I was completely overworked and burnt-out pre-pregnancy and at the beginning of this journey, and this baby spirit has helped me see the ways that I have needed to let go, surrender, and find more peace and joy in my daily life in order to become the mother I was destined to be. 

Physically: I have had a pretty rough time this pregnancy. I always thought I would be walking my 10,000 steps and doing vinyasa yoga up until the day I gave birth, but I was quickly humbled when I started experiencing severe sciatica early in the first trimester of my pregnancy. I have had days where I have not been able to walk, and I have had to lean on a lot of healers and practitioners to help me relieve pain during this time. It certainly shook up my plans and ideas of what this journey would look like, but I have embraced how much of a gift the pain has been ultimately. It has helped me slow down; I have had to sit back and stay home from a lot of trips and commitments… and it is easy for me to see now how necessary that slowing down will be for my overall wellbeing (mentally and physically) in motherhood! I am still walking and doing yoga, but in very modified ways. 

Spiritually: I am big into talking to my baby spirit! I have been taking to him for years and I feel like I know his little soul already. I had a very special 120-day kundalini ceremony on my 120th day of pregnancy, led by one of my teachers and spiritual guides Tej Khalsa here in Los Angeles. My husband Jonathan and I were surrounded by about ten of our closest friends, all very psychic and intuitive in their own ways, and called in the baby soul on this day. It was one of the most special days in my pregnancy so far and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in calling in a high soul for big work in this lifetime.


We’d love to ask you some quick-fire questions; don’t think about it too long!

When the baby comes: Pink, blue or gold? Blue-Gold! (I can never pick just one thing!) 

Breakfast or lunch? Breakfast all the way… specifically, a loaded green smoothie. 

Smoothie or cold pressed juice? BOTH! But I do have a green juice every single day without exception. 

Season you feel the healthiest and why? Oh wow, probably the fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love that the weather cools down, schedules are usually a little bit lighter, and I have a lot of time to dedicate to my health and my family. October is my favorite month, and November and December are close seconds. 

Babymoon or Girl’s Trip? Very much into both but we did just have an awesome Babymoon in Kauai. 

What are your best tips to... 

Avoid the flu? Lots of zinc, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and good sleep. 

Beat fatigue? Focus on your adrenals and make sure you are getting enough rest, not overdoing it on caffeine, and eating adequate amounts of nutritious foods during the day. 

Get restful sleep? Melatonin is my go-to, but beyond that meditation works wonders when insomnia really revs up. I have had terrible lifelong insomnia and I know that restless sleep is just as much mental as it is physical, so getting the mind to calm down is key. 

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Many IINers may already be familiar with you and your work! Can we dive deeper into some topics they’d love to hear more about? 

Yes! Let’s go for it.

The podcast that you just cannot stop talking about? My podcast (TBB Podcast) when my husband comes on! He is the best guest. I always listen back to my episodes because I learn so much from my guests. I also listen to Gabby Bernstein’s podcast, Dear Gabby, every week, as well as The Skinny Confidential and my dear friends’ Almost 30 podcast!

If you were to purge your fridge right now, what would you save? All of the fresh fruit I just bought at Erewhon!

And what would you throw away? Any old condiments because somehow those always seem to expire before I end up using them!

What is your biggest failure and what did it teach you? Honestly, I don’t look at anything in my past as a failure, because I truly believe everything happens for a reason and puts us on the path we are meant to be on. I have had a lot of ideas (book, business, brand-related) that didn’t work out or come to fruition, but my favorite quote is, “When something doesn’t work out it’s because the universe is protecting you from what was never meant to be.” I believe the best is yet to come!

A recipe you absolutely love? My OG TBB chocolate peanut butter cups. It was one of the first recipes on my blog in 2013, and I still get emails weekly from people telling me they are obsessed!

If you had magical powers, how would you make your day healthier? Flying around so that I never have to sit in LA traffic because I am convinced that type of stress is terrible for the mind, body, and soul!

In a letter to your younger self, what five things would you tell her about her health and future?  

  1. It’s all going to work out
  2. All of your health issues are preparing you for a career in wellness, and without them you wouldn’t have the same passion or drive to help others gain their health back. It’s ALL worth it!
  3. You are going to fall madly in love with the most amazing man ever.
  4. You get pregnant very easily, so don’t spend any time stressing on that.
  5. You are not overlysensitive;you are just psychic and empathic. Lean into it, because the greatest gifts of your life will come from harnessing these powerful abilities. 

October is mental health month. What is your hope for everyone reading this and anyone who struggles or knows someone who struggles? That you know there is someone out there who loves you, who is rooting for you and cheering you on. You matter and you are not alone. It will get better and you are loved and perfect exactly as you are. 

How has your health journey helped you shift to embrace spirituality in a big way and have spirituality become a large part of your wellness routine? When you get as sick as I did and live at the bottom of the barrel with your health, you will do anything to heal and start to feel better. The spiritual path was something that brought me peace and healing above all else.  

Spirituality is the cornerstone of my life. I meditate every day, but beyond that I try to live my life as a moving meditation. I only say yes to what lights me up. I have learned the (very) hard way that getting burnt out and not having proper boundaries in my life made me sink into a very dark place that was hard to crawl out of. Nature, healthy food, my spiritual practice, and the love in my life — everything goes back to love — is what keeps me feeling good and in my joy. I am so grateful for all that I have learned in the last decade of life, especially spiritually. 

Reconnecting to my eternal soul, which is something that I teach in my courses and on my podcast, helped me remember who I am in my spirit and who I came here to be. I believe that we get sick not just to heal but to find a new way of living that is far from ordinary. Our spirits are trying to shake up our lives and our path. I am forever grateful for my journey.

And lastly, if you were to go on QVC and tell us why you loved IIN, what made your IIN experience and education so transformative? I love the community at IIN first and foremost. I am so proud to be an alum because I learned so much and I am honored to be among such incredible graduates and other entrepreneurs, health coaches, and spiritual teachers that I look up to. It gave me the confidence to pursue my blog and wellness brand full time, and that for that I am forever grateful.

Want to learn more about Jordan's personal health coaching journey? Take her free Sample Class today!

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