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Published: June 8, 2024

Making Health Coach Services More Accessible

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IIN does a lot behind the scenes to create a vibrant marketplace for our Health Coaches and their outstanding services. We dedicate time, energy, and resources to make sure coaches can practice effectively and clients have numerous options to pay for coaching services.

Utilization of pretax funds for Health Coach services

Our efforts to make Health Coaches a pivotal part of a new wellness care system that spreads health and happiness include working for better and easier utilization of pretax funds.

Currently some people use their pretax funds from health savings accounts (HSAs) or flexible spending accounts (FSAs) to pay for health coaching services. This process requires a letter of medical necessity from a client's doctor or healthcare professional. While this is a good start, we’d love it if clients could simply swipe their HSA/FSA card and pay for coaching services!

IIN recently sent a letter to the Internal Revenue Service to request this process be easier and clearer for clients and coaches. We also helped draft a bill (S.380) in the United States Congress that would allow anyone with an HSA/FSA account to spend up to $1,000 of their pretax money to participate in health coaching services!

When it comes to having health coaching services covered by insurance, we also work with our Health Coach allies in Congress and speak directly to health insurance companies to encourage them to reimburse for health coaching services.

Positive views on the Health Coach profession

As health coaching is a relatively young and growing profession, we’re always on the lookout for any hurdles that may complicate the widespread use of coaching!

We have good news to report: Health coaching is viewed positively by state and federal representatives as well as other health professional allies. Crises, such as a global pandemic, can make clear what’s truly important. Old institutions working to preserve old structures, such as how healthcare is delivered, have not met the increased demand for health and wellness services of all kinds, whether delivered by phone, Internet, or outdoor group settings. Health Coaches are meeting the new needs and demands for today’s wellness market, and as we continue to forge ahead in this work, we’ll keep our community updated on the latest news.

By working with allies, making new friends, adapting to new times, and constantly pressing to have our Health Coaches included in new health and wellness policies, IIN is not just a school, but at the forefront of a movement for change!


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