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Discover the Impact of Joining Our Community

Chopra Yoga and Meditation Program graduates share why they chose Chopra for their education and the benefits of joining this compassionate global community.

“The chance to help people feel the compassionate connection to their mind and body is profound.”


Speak with a Chopra Graduate to discuss your desired education journey and how Chopra can help you reach your goals

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“Follow your heart because it knows the way.” 

Listen to these stories about the power of teaching meditation and the healing gifts these Chopra graduates share.


“A responsibility to relay this information to the next generation.”

Hear from graduates of The Chopra Meditation Certification on why they pursued meditation teacher training and how they are using their education in their lives and careers.


“Making tools more accessible to busy individuals.”

Danielle Mika Nagel explains how she used her training to build her brand supporting clients with burnout, anxiety, and lack of fulfillment.


“My passion to serve this community was undeniable.”

John Vargo, retired firefighter, paramedic, and founder of Turn In, shares how he brings the practice of meditation to those who serve their communities.


“Fear and lack of self-confidence almost stopped me from starting my journey at Chopra. Taking a leap of faith and trusting in the universe that I was on my way to fulfilling my purpose was what kept me motivated. The live webinars, Chopra instructors, and compassionate cohort made this experience life changing. I am forever grateful to Dr. Deepak Chopra for introducing us to the importance of meditation and how beneficial it can be to ourselves and those around us. I hope to make this organization proud while taking all the tools and introducing them to my community.”

Marilynn Lara

The entirety of the Chopra Certification Program holds generous space for students to discover the deepest and most profound state of their entire being, and how the layers of life and stress since birth can be off loaded, so that helping others become easier, more effective, and very rewarding for self.    The Chopra Certification Program helps students connect to the fact that world peace is possible. The science and philosophy of the Chopra Certification Program is paramount, helping students such as myself realize the two become one. A match made in heaven!

Denise Bowering

This program not only taught me to be a teacher, but deepened my own practice, one I've had continuously for well over 20 years, and showed that to be an effective teacher, one must always be willing to be a student and that the best course of study is always inward, towards the soul, our own highest point of consciousness.

Eric McCarty

Speak with a Chopra Graduate to discuss your desired education journey and how Chopra can help you reach your goals

phone-Icon-chopraCall Now: 347 986 2047

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