Integrative Nutrition Webinars

Prospective IIN Students

Learn more about holistic health to transform your-wellbeing, and about creating a career in health coaching with our
Health Coach Training Program™ webinars. Discover why Health Coaches are so in-demand, and how our immersive, online program will support you in creating a career and life you love.

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IIN Students & Alumni

Learn more about the Specialty and Advanced courses we offer outside of our Health Coach Training Program™, how you can boost your credibility by diving deeper into a niche area of health and wellness with exclusive content-focused webinars, and exciting opportunities for career growth with IINBiz as well as the IIN Ambassador program.

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Upcoming Live & Free Webinars

No matter where you are in your health and wellness journey, we have a webinar for you. Click on the webinar you are interested in below to register and get more information.