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Published: June 8, 2024

The IINsider's Digest: Digital Addiction, Paula Deen, Nutrition Guidance and more!

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Addictions and prescriptions top the headlines this week as Deepak Chopra discusses digital dependency and Celebrity Chef Paula Deen makes an announcement that has everyone taking sides. The CEO of Stoneyfield Yogurt steps down to fight GMOs, and IIN teacher Dr. David Katz offers real-world nutrition guidance for a society surrounded by potato chips.

Find all that and more right here in the IINsiders Digest.  
Digital addiction may damage your brain: Study [VIDEO]
With IIN faculty Deepak Chopra
CBS News
We throw around words like "crackberry" to describe how dependent we are on high-tech devices. But now, a study finds that Internet addiction may actually damage the brain -- the same as too much alcohol or drugs. Watch here.

Nutrition Guidance: Letting Chips Fall Where They May
By IIN teacher Dr. David Katz
The Huffington Post
There was a feature article in a recent (Jan. 10, 2012) USA Today, generally very complimentary of a nutrition guidance system I helped develop, now helping some 20 million or more shoppers each week in some 1,600 supermarkets from coast to coast. But I'm not here to enjoy the view of this coverage from altitude; I want to chip away at the particulars. Read more

Paula Deen: Diabetes diagnosis won't change how I cook [VIDEO]
In a TODAY exclusive, celebrity chef Paula Deen reveals that the recent rumors are true: She has Type 2 diabetes. She tells Al Roker that she supports "eating in moderation." Watch here.

Why Women Like to be Alone and Men Don’t  
by IIN Grad Sarah Wilson
 Did you catch the NYT article by Dominique Browning on why women like being alone? And men don’t, especially after a break-up? It’s interesting… Read more.

The Battle Against Food Waste
The New York Times
Last week, the British retailer Marks & Spencer introduced a new packaging strip aimed at making strawberries shipped in from overseas last two days longer. Eventually, the company hopes to use the technology on all types of berries. Marks & Spencer says that because its strawberries will stay fresh longer, consumers can reduce food waste at home. Read more.

Stonyfield CEO steps down to do advocacy work
Chicago Tribune
Organic yogurt giant Gary Hirshberg stepped down as Stonyfield CEO Thursday to focus on advocacy work for sustainable food. Read more.

forgetfulWhy you can't remember anything - and how to fix it 
We’ve all had days where keys ­mysteriously go missing and the names of people we know slip from ­our mind. But a worrying new study has claimed that our brainpower starts declining when we’re in our 40s – not 60s as previously thought. The good news is, most scientists agree we don’t have to accept these age-related memory problems as inevitable. Read more.

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