The IINsider's Digest: Beating Obesity, Global Flavor and Health Coaching


December 23, 2011

Last Updated:

April 30, 2015

Did you miss all the latest nutrition news? Don't worry we collected all the hottest topics for you to easily digest right here. Deepak Chopra discusses diabetes and the circle of life and IIN grads are making headlines. Plus encouraging news about the fight against obesity. 

Type 2 Diabetes and the Circle of Life [VIDEO]
By IIN Faculty Deepak Chopra
Huffington Post
Type 2 diabetes has become an increasing problem in modern America. Because it is chiefly linked to obesity, as more people become overweight and as the age of gaining weight reaches down into childhood, a largely preventable disease turns into an epidemic. The litany about such lifestyle disorders is now familiar to almost everyone. The changes that prevent Type 2 diabetes all move in the direction of moderation: a balanced diet, exercise and management of stress. Read more.

Health Coach Guides Busy Moms To Nutritional Cooking Online [VIDEO]
Featuring IIN grad Betsy Moore
ABC News Pittsburgh
Betsy Moore is using her website to coach busy moms and help get their kitchens under control. She has weekly shopping lists, recipes and conversations with her clients about their struggles. She says the most important thing is having a weekly menu. Read more.

Do You Need a Health Coach?
Featuring IIN grad Kerrie Martin
Fox Business
When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s more than just what you eat and how you exercise. The quality and quantity of your sleep, how you deal with stress and your emotional well-being also play a role in your overall health. While doctors and physicians can diagnosis and treat illnesses, health coaches can teach preventative measures that thwart a visit to a doctor altogether. Read more.

Why Are We More Hungry In The Winter?
If you feel hungrier as winter draws near, you're not alone. Even though most of us spend our days in climate-controlled offices and homes, our appetites seem to change when the days grow shorter. Some researchers say it's our primitive impulses prompting us to stockpile calories for the winter ahead. Read more.

NYC Kids Are Shedding Pounds [VIDEO]
ABC News
New York City's efforts to fight fat among its youngest residents may be having an effect, according to new data from the city's health department. Read more.

What A Global Flavor Map Can Tell Us About How We Pair Foods [INFOGRAPHIC]
There's a reason why Asian dishes often taste so different from the typical North American fare: North American recipes rely on flavors that are related, while East Asian cooks go for sharp contrasts. Read more.

saltGiving babies salty food may create a lifelong preference
LA Times
Feeding young babies solid foods such as crackers, cereals and bread, which tend to be high in salt, may set them up for a lifelong preference for salt, researchers reported Tuesday. Read more

Did we miss anything? What's got you buzzing this week? 

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