June 17, 2012
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March 4, 2021

IIN's Health Coach Training Staff Shares Their Dad Wisdom

“Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad." - Anne Geddes

Happy Father's Day to all the hard-working, fun-loving, advice-giving dads! We hope you enjoy your own father's company today over a delicious dinner, or a good game of golf. Whatever you do, remember to tell him why you're lucky he's in your life. We asked some IIN staffers to share something they've learned from their dads, and here's what they had to say!

"While he would never blow his top, we could always tell when Dad was extremely upset because he would look at the ceiling and say, "Grant me patience." I've been told that I have amazing patience, (which is equally helpful when dealing with children and non-tech-savvy adults), and I attribute that patience 100% to my amazing father." - Michael, IT

"Your career is not an accurate measure of your self worth for it is only a very small part of you and is subject to change at any moment. Invest in other areas of your life to complete the big picture that you can't always see." - Claire, Enrollment

"My dad taught me to do what I love first and foremost. What I "should do" comes second." - Isabel, Enrollment

elaina"My dad, aka "Brucey," is my absolute personality twin! He has taught me many things that I am so grateful for, including how to throw the perfect change-up, how to make the best kale & blueberry breakfast smoothie to start the day, but most importantly Dad always taught me by example to treat people with respect, live a life of kindness, and always put family first. I love you Dad! Happy Father's day!" - Andrea, Enrollment

To never give up, have courage, and follow your dreams." - Elaina, Enrollment

prysm"My Dad taught me that there is always a way. When you want something and you believe in it, you go for it!" - Prysm, Enrollment

"My father taught me that anything worth doing is worth doing honestly. I have a had time telling any lies, even little ones, because this was so ingrained in me." - Ansley, Web Development

alexandra"My Dad taught me 2 important lessons growing up; "Today is a gift" and would often play "You can't always get what you want" by the Rolling Stones." - Alexandra, Front Desk

"I've learned what it means to truly forgive, despite the deepest pain." - Sarah, Enrollment

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"I think my father taught me two really important lessons: one, the value of family, and two, the value of trying new experiences. He is a lawyer/judge and he passed on a lot of professional opportunities while my sister and I were young; instead he came to every one of our events (sports, plays, etc.) and took us on trips around the world so we could experience different aspects of diverse cultures." - Noah, enrollment

"My dad taught me that going to work for yourself isn't easy, but it's by far the most rewarding path you can choose!" - Maria, Marketing

megan"How to appreciate nature and be one with it!" - Megan, Enrollment

"My dad has taught me to spread kindness to all people and living beings." - Gillian, Enrollment

"My father taught me the appreciation of a good game. Like his father taught him, it's important to have fun in life, and to share that with friends and family." - David, IT

dorry"I've learned about honesty and unconditional love from my dad. He is a great listener with even better advice. He also taught me the importance of getting my oil changed, and checking the air in my tires. (He'd want me to include that one!) He's my best friend, and my #1 fan!" - Dorry, Social Media

"My dad used to always say, "Cross the finish line!" Whenever I have run out of energy, lost steam, or generally felt like giving up after putting in hard work, I would always hear his words of encouragement. Whether it's hanging in there in a long run or just a long day at work, his saying has become a mantra that keeps me focused!" - Allison, Enrollment

sasha"My parents are artists, so when i was younger my dad taught me how to draw and paint (which accounted for some pretty excellent school projects). He also taught me to work hard and to travel often (and everywhere). Thanks dad!" - Sasha, Enrollmentbridget

To my own dad: consultant on all things "real-life" and my number 1 recipe tester. From teaching me how to ride a bike to guiding me through my first tax return, you've taught me a ton about balancing responsiblity, hard work and fun. Thank you, and happy Father's Day!

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