June 19, 2021
Last Updated:
June 21, 2021

IIN Staff Picks: Men’s Health and Fatherhood Advice

To celebrate Father’s Day and honor dads of all types, we asked IIN staff (and some significant others) to share how fatherhood surprised them, the advice they received (or wish they’d received), and how the taboo surrounding men’s health can be detrimental.

When it comes to men's health, what do you wish we talked about more?

“Sleep and why it is important! There seems to be misplaced pride among men who go to sleep late and rise early.”

– Marco Anzalone, Executive Team

“How you can change bad habits. Why meditating and prioritizing gut health are vital for men.”

– Jack Cleary, Sales

“I'd love to see the end of overconsumption of food, alcohol, snack foods, entertainment, and television as being manly, cool, or fun. We are what we do, not what we consume.”

– Darrell Rogers, Advocacy

“Teaching men that it’s healthy and still masculine to show and talk about emotions. Also, prostate and erectile dysfunction are important to address early on to learn how to advocate for health and know how to take preventive measures.”

– Bob Kobos (husband to Amy Kobos, Education)

“The importance of mental health.”

– Project Management Team Member

How do you like to prioritize your own health, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual?

“I've found you have to make time for it. Send a calendar invite to yourself, invite others to join you, schedule that time. If I’m without a plan, there’s a lot of unhealthy Internet doom scrolling happening.”

– Darrell Rogers, Advocacy

“I try to start the day off right by doing something good for my mind and body. That helps carry me through the day.”

– Marco Anzalone, Executive Team

“I simply do a combination of things I know will make me feel good – eating right, sleeping enough, yoga, etc.”

– Project Management Team Member

“My priority is weight control because it crosses so many facets of health, and it takes my mind off work-related stress.”

– Bob Kobos (husband to Amy Kobos, Education)

“Practice meditation, yoga, or walk every day. Crowding out the bad food.”

– Jack Cleary, Sales

Fathers: What’s one thing you wish you knew before becoming a father?

“Modeling trumps everything. [My daughter] may or may not do what I say, but she will always do what I do.”

– Jim Turner, AV

“I wish I had realized how naturally good I was at taking care of children, that those abilities should not be diminished or minimized by others in society or in the home. Fathers need more recognition as a vital figure for the child's development.”

– Bob Kobos (husband to Amy Kobos, Education)

“Better nutrition for kids. No media or technology into teen years. More nature.”

– Jack Cleary, Sales

“Pace yourself. It’s a marathon with ups and downs, and you won’t always get things right, no matter how hard you try.”

– Marco Anzalone, Executive Team

Fathers: What’s one thing that surprised you about fatherhood?

“How proud kids can make you feel.”

– Darrell Rogers, Advocacy

“I was surprised by how it brought me closer to my parents. Once you become a parent, you develop a greater sense of appreciation for your parents.”

– Marco Anzalone, Executive Team

“Kids listen to everything you say and watch everything you do – even when you don't think they are.”

– Bob Kobos (husband to Amy Kobos, Education)

“No matter how good you think you are, there is so much to learn and change.”

– Jack Cleary, Sales

Men’s health and fatherhood

Much surrounding men’s health and fatherhood has been stigmatized and promoted as “unmanly,” so it’s up to all of us to break those barriers. As topics like mental health are becoming more mainstream, men can help set a good example for the future – and their children – by being open, honest, and communicative.

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