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Hormone Health Course

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From adrenal fatigue and high blood sugar to fertility concerns and thyroid disorders, hormone imbalances are at the root of many underlying issues. Learn to restore balance by making holistic shifts to your diet and lifestyle.

If you're a fitness professional certified by NASM and/or AFAA, earn CEUs with this course. Learn more below!

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What you’ll learn

Introduction to the endocrine system
Dive deep into the endocrine system, a collection of glands that produce hormones which regulate metabolism, growth and development, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood.
Understanding hormonal imbalances
The symptoms of hormonal imbalances vary widely! Learn to guide yourself and clients to watch for red flags and when it's time to bring in other healthcare professionals.
Maximizing nutrition for optimal hormone function
Develop a bio-individual approach to eating for hormonal balance, learning how macro and micronutrients, special diets, herbal remedies, and supplements can all play a role.
Optimize women’s health
This course largely focuses on women’s stages of life. From puberty to reproduction and menopause, gain tools to resolve irregular periods, weight gain, fertility issues, and more.
Support your hormones for the long-haul
Promote optimal health by neutralizing the effects that stress, environmental toxins, and genetic mutations all have on your hormones, and access lifelong tools to heal your body.

This course is for you if....

You're a health coach or wellness professional looking to specialize, earn a certificate in a niche area of health, or obtain CE credits to maintain your NBC-HWC credential.
You struggle with weight maintenance, mood swings, acne, fatigue, indigestion or low libido, but haven’t gotten to the bottom of why you feel the way you do.
You experience irregular cycles, fertility concerns, or haven’t had the easiest time adjusting to menopause.
You’re looking for natural and holistic ways to support yourself, your clients, or your loved ones through all phases of life.

Meet your teachers

Christa Orrechio, CN

Clinical and holistic nutritionist, author

Curriculum topics

Assessing and Improving Infertility, Food as Medicine for Healthy Conception


Carrie Jones

Functional medicine doctor, Hormone health expert

Curriculum topics

 Adrenal Dysfunction, The Cortisol Awakening Response

Susie Gronski, PT, DPT, PRPC, CSE

Men's pelvic and sexual health specialist

Curriculum topics

Men's hormonal health


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Hormone Health Certificate

Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll receive a digital badge and Certificate of Completion! Share your credentials on LinkedIn or print your certificate out and hang it in your home office! This is a great way to showcase and celebrate your continued education, success, and concentration on hormone health.


Education partnerships and affiliates

The Hormone Health Course is officially recognized by the NBHWC for CE credits, which means that if you’re an NBC-HWC, you can earn 21 credits to renew your board-certification status by successfully completing the Hormone Health Course! This is yet another pathway for you to grow your skill set and enhance your credibility as a Health Coach while achieving greater success in a rapidly growing field.
IIN is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. The Hormone Health Course is eligible for 1.9 NASM / 15 AFAA CEUs.

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I learned so much about the menstrual cycle, how the whole body works together, and how important hormone health is. I loved all the protocols and client handouts!

Avelina Leite da Silva

This course highlighted how critical the relationship between Health Coaches and doctors can be for someone’s health. I have no doubt this is the future of healthcare.

Kimberly Ann Wilhelmina

This course is so relevant to every single client you’ll ever have. Men, women, older, younger, fertility-oriented, or just feeling badly and they don’t know why.

Pallas Dame


How will I learn?

Learn anytime, anywhere
Access your course anywhere you have an Internet connection, whether you’re on the go or in the comfort of your own home – there’s no limit to when or how you can learn!
Video curriculum
11 modules with 60+ videos that provide an in-depth overview of the endocrine system, health issues associated with hormonal imbalances, and strategies to address these issues from a bio-individual perspective.
Resources for Success
Gain access to readings, handouts, and skill-building activities. Apply what you learn to real-life experiences, test your knowledge, and get the most out of this powerful course.
Business Toolkit
Instead of having to create content from scratch, you’ll get worksheets you can print and use with clients to support their hormone-balancing journey, giving you more time to focus on coaching.

What do I need to get started?

In order to successfully take and complete IIN's Hormone Health Course, you must speak English as this course is entirely in English. Aside from that, this seven-month course is open to anyone! While we encourage students to have a foundational knowledge of what health coaching is, you don't need to be an IIN student or graduate to enroll.

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