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Published: June 8, 2024

We Asked, You Answered

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We love interacting with our Integrative Nutrition community online, including our Facebook page! This week we tapped into your vision of healthy living.

We asked:

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you envision "healthy living"?

You answered:

Colorful fruits and veggies. – Annelise W.

Balance of body, mind, and spirit. All in tune. All glowing. – Quiet S.

My own vegetable garden! – Amanda P.

Energy, love, and mind space! – Susan L.

The rainbow on a plate. – Deanna S.

Breathing in salty ocean air and digging my toes in the sand. – Lisa F.

Good health, gratitude, and love. – Cheryl B.

Love, healthy relationships, a low stress job, exercise, and a raw, plant-based diet! – Hayley H.

Laughter, physical activity, and close family relationships. – Christine B.

Simplicity, flexibility, and awareness in each moment! – Nae P.

Clean food, adequate rest, and a short intense exercise program consisting of interval sprinting, weight lifting and outdoor activities. – Jason P.

Physical energy and peace of mind. – Lillian G.

Fresh air, outdoors, greenery, laughter, peace, fresh food. – Clo O. 

What comes to your mind?

We are so IINspired by those of you who shared your stories with us. To read all of the replies, check out the post on Facebook - and feel free to join in the conversation!

June 8, 2024

We Asked, You Answered

June 8, 2024

We Asked, You Answered

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