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Published: June 8, 2024

IINsider’s Digest: 18 Facts About Food Waste, Strict School Food Guidelines Lead to Less Weight Gain, and more…

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At IIN, we often talk about what our food does for us, but in turn, we need to show respect for our food. Civil Eats shares 18 little known facts about food waste that can help us all become more conscious consumers.

A solid argument against "Freedom of Choice"? States with strict guidelines regarding school snacks are gaining ground over obesity. Children in those public schools gained less weight over a three-year period than those in more lenient states. (NY Times)

After being interviewed several times about the Nike "Find Your Greatness" ad, IIN guest lecturer David Katz takes a step back to consider the true message that the commercial conveys. (Huff Post)

It's a strange comparison, but apparently, for those over 40, consuming a high number of egg yolks quickens the thickening of arteries almost as fast as cigarette smoking. (LA Times)

Runners, take note - focusing too much on your favorite sport may turn you into a one-dimensional, injury-prone athlete. (Reuters)

A higher SPF doesn't necessarily mean you're safer from the sun - at least not for long. Scientists explain that the difference between SPF 30 and 100 is fairly small, and we all need to reapply more often. (The Atlantic)

An "inactivity pandemic" is responsible for as many as 1 in 10 deaths worldwide. Yet lack of exercise - and what type of exercise patients should be doing - is a health problem that doctors are relatively lax to address. (NPR)

Spent a few too many late nights at the beach or barbecues? FitSugar can help cure your summer-fun burnout with bed-friendly yoga poses that will stretch you straight into a deep slumber.

Big Agriculture has reportedly contributed more than $25 million to fight Proposition 37, which would require labeling of genetically modified foods (Right to Know). If food politics gets you all revved up, check out Harvard's career guide to Food Law & Policy, as recently shared on Marion Nestle's blog.

Jonathan Bailor’s slogan is one we can all get behind: "More Real Food, Less Complex Math" as he breaks down food labels, daily values, and how they fall short. (Diets in Review)


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