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Published: June 8, 2024

Do I Have the Right Personality to Be a Health Coach?

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I wondered this very thing before I decided to enroll at Integrative Nutrition. Did I have the right character traits to be a good Health Coach? Would people want to open up to me? Could I actually coach clients through issues I myself had dealt with? Would people take me seriously? 

The answer I found along the way was: yes, yes I could, and I could be darn good at it. And no matter your natural disposition, you’ll find the same answer. 

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, already working in the wellness field or making a complete career change, Integrative Nutrition teaches you how to harness your unique gifts to connect with potential clients and turn your interest in health and wellness into a thriving, rewarding career. 

Ask yourself, has your personal health journey motivated you to help others? Are you passionate about educating others on not only being healthy but thriving? Are you already the go-to person when your friends and family have health questions? Are you ready to make a change? Do you feel unsatisfied because you know you could be making a bigger impact on the world? 

If you said yes to any of the above, guess what? You have the right personality to be a Health Coach. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret: there is no one personality trait that makes a great Health Coach over another. Going through a training program like Integrative Nutrition will give you coaching skills, help you become an expert in nutrition, teach you how to tell your story, and develop your brand. But what really attracts clients is simply you being authentically you. 

Different people respond to different coaching styles, and as you develop your style, you’ll also find your clients. Maybe your style will be no-nonsense tough love, or maybe you’re a natural nurturer. Perhaps you’re a Mom who wants to help other families get healthy, or maybe you’re retired and looking to inspire others to live their healthiest life at any age. We all bring something unique to our coaching, and the reason people want to work with me will be different than the reason they want to work with you.

The health coaching community is such a supportive, tight knit group for a reason.  We aren’t in competition with each other because we all have something unique to offer. Together, we’re all on a mission to improve the health of everyone around the world.

So, do you have the right personality to be a health coach? The answer is absolutely yes. Be uniquely you, because no one else can offer what you do, and there is someone out there just waiting for your guidance, so they can be their best self too.  

What unique qualities can you offer your clients as a Health Coach? Share with us in the comments below!


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