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August 1, 2014

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April 30, 2015

It’s no secret: the healthcare system is broken. In fact, according to Integrative Nutrition guest lecturer Mark Hyman, healthcare needs to be “turned upside-down.” It’s also becoming clearer and clearer that Health Coaches are the ones who will need to do the turning.

In this impassioned discussion between Integrative Nutrition founder Joshua Rosenthal and American physician, scholar, and author Dr. Mark Hyman, the two wellness leaders delve deep into the many players at work in today’s healthcare landscape.

Dr. Hyman explains why the fundamental tenet of our healthcare system—the idea that disease just “happens” to you and should be treated—has created a flawed system and a massive problem, and why disrupting the food industry is the only way to fix it. “We ate ourselves into it,” he says. “Now we’re going to have to eat ourselves out of it.”

They also explore the different roles that doctors and Health Coaches play in solving the crisis, and why community-based solutions and corporate wellness programs are poised to transform the entire paradigm. (Hint: He tells us that “I don’t see how we can have a future of healthcare without Health Coaches.”)

So how can the Integrative Nutrition community do their part to heal our world? Find out Dr. Hyman’s take in the video below!

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