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Published: June 8, 2024

Dr. Susan Blum on Health Coaches | IIN Depth

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We talk a lot here about how Health Coaches can become integrated into our current healthcare system to disrupt and improve the status quo. On the other side, some doctors are trying to achieve the same goal by bringing Health Coaches into their practices. Dr. Susan Blum, a pioneer in functional medicine and Integrative Nutrition visiting teacher, is one of those doctors.

However, many doctors and some patients are wary of this new way of doing things. They don’t see the value of these new holistic practitioners, and are hesitant to have any treatment providers in the room without and “MD” after their name. It’s a big shift, to be sure, and some question whether the healthcare system is ready for it.

In this video, Health Coach Michaela from IIN explores this issue with Dr. Blum, who explains why she thinks it should be “mandatory” for a Health Coach to be present in the room with a doctor and patient. From physicians to Health Coaches to nutritionists and other specialists, everyone seems to have an opinion on this topic. Watch the interview below, and come up with your answer to the question: Should Health Coaches be a required role at all doctor’s offices? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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