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Published: June 8, 2024

VIDEO: Mastin Kipp on Why People Pay for Health Coaching

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“If there’s one myth I could bust for people who want to be coaches or sign up for a program,” says Mastin Kipp, “it’s this idea that ‘if I want to be spiritual, I have to be broke.’” Kipp, an Integrative Nutrition visiting teacher and founder of The Daily Love, certainly sets an inspiring example that could help shake this stereotype.

Not only has he built an incredibly lucrative and prolific business, but he also helps people achieve deep happiness on a daily basis.

When Kipp founded The Daily Love, he was a college dropout living in his ex-girlfriend’s parents’ pool house, driven by a deep desire to help people connect with what makes them happy and increase the love in our world. After many years of working with others and working on himself, he found not only that there is a demand for this service, but also that it has tremendous value—spiritually, physically, and financially.

Sure, any one piece of information is findable on Google, but spiritual crusaders like Mastin Kipp, as well as Health Coaches, bring something to their clients that they can’t get from a search engine. Watch the video below to find out what one thing Kipp believes makes this type of work worth every penny.


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