November 26, 2014
Last Updated:
April 9, 2020

When Is the Right Time To Begin Your Health Coach Journey at IIN?

If you are anything like me, you have a lot going on this time of year and you may be thinking you should wait until after the New Year to embark on anything new. When I was a member of the admissions team here at Integrative Nutrition, I spoke to many people with the same mentality. There were generally 3 reasons people felt like they had to put their futures on hold this time of year - do any of these resonate with you?  

  1. Many people use the holidays as an excuse to put off getting on track with their own health. I did this for years! I would use the holidays as an excuse to binge and go crazy, and then on January 1st I would join Weight Watchers and the gym like most of the country. The next year, the same pattern would ensue. What if you didn’t have to beat yourself up in the New Year to make up for being bad? What if you focused on health over the holidays without deprivation?
  2. Most of us don’t prioritize ourselves and couldn’t fathom spending money on ourselves, in addition to everything else, over the holidays. What if you gave yourself the gift of health, the gift of career opportunities? Don’t you think that doing a program that balances the personal and professional so beautifully would be a gift to not just you, but also your family? As you learn, how could they not reap the benefits of your newfound knowledge? You will all be happier and healthier this time next year if you don’t keep putting off your goals until the “right” time.
  3. There’s no time! If we are so busy with our careers, our kids, and all of the upcoming holiday events, how could we possibly carve out the time in our lives to add something else on?! Do you think that if you were a Health Coach, setting your own hours and making enough per hour to not have to work 40 hours a week, it would free up your time and actually make you more available to be present for your family and friends? This course is only 5-8 hours of work each week and can be done around your schedule, so it’s pretty easy to make it work.

The Health Coach Training Program will take you a year to complete so whether you enroll now, or after the New Year, the course is going to fall over a holiday season, a summer break, or a busy time of year at work. Will you really be any less busy at these other times? Probably not. The sooner you begin, the quicker you will be able to start working with clients and doing the work you were born to do. We all make time for the really important things in our lives; is getting healthy, having a career you love, and living out your dreams important to you or do you want to keep it on the back burner for later?

Another benefit of being enrolled over the holidays is all of the networking opportunities that the holidays bring. All of those events and parties you'll be attending will be filled with people who are going to want to get healthy come January 1st. Will it be you they turn to in order to help them get there?  

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So what’s holding you back? Be honest with yourself - are you using any of the reasons above as an excuse? Could you make this work if you weren’t afraid of taking on something new? Share with us in the comments below! Whatever the reason, we are here to support you in moving forward on this incredible journey. Have an amazing Thanksgiving, be safe, happy, healthy and grateful! 

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