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Published: June 8, 2024

4 Key Things You’ll Learn About Yourself as a Health Coach Student

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It’s Health Coach Week! To celebrate, we're sharing all the different ways that becoming Health Coach can transform your life and what it's really like to be a Health Coach! Want to learn more about what it’s like to train as a Health Coach? Sample a class today!

The Wall Street Journal estimates that nearly half of all people who complete a yoga certification program don’t end up teaching classes. This number might surprise a lot of people—yoga certification programs are an investment, both in time and financially. So why would a yoga lover sign up for a course when they have zero intention of ever teaching a class? The process of learning greatly deepens your personal practice, making those who’ve experienced a teacher training program better yogis, more thoughtful practitioners, and more integrated humans.

If you love health and wellness and want to make it a career, you might be thinking about enrolling in IIN’s Health Coach Training Program to learn how to help others live their healthiest lives. But what you might not realize is just how much the program will help you learn about yourself!

At Integrative Nutrition, it all starts with you. You are your own first client which means you’ll be setting yourself up for a full health transformation!

Here’s what you’ll discover about your own health and well-being as you experience IIN’s curriculum.

1. You’ll learn exactly how to eat for your unique body

One of the main tenants of IIN’s curriculum is bio-individuality, or the idea that every person’s body has unique, specific needs. Bio-individuality is the reason a diet that works so well for your best friend makes you feel bloated and tired—it’s because you’re different, food is absorbed and utilized differently in each of your bodies. And the dietary choices that work for you right now might change and evolve over time, because your body is always changing. When you get this concept, you’ll realize that there’s no one “perfect” diet; the way we approach our nutrition should be fluid and flexible.

2. You’ll cultivate a positive relationship around eating and preparing food

Nutrition isn’t just about choosing the right foods for your body—it’s about the way you prepare, cook, and enjoy them, too! At IIN, you’ll actually learn how to make delicious, nourishing meals from expert natural food chefs. The more delicious the food, the more likely you are to eat it, right? Many students are also surprised to learn that certain preparation methods like soaking and sprouting make the nutrients in food more bioavailable—essentially making those ingredients even healthier.

3. You’ll find the skills you need to run a healthy business

Don’t be fooled—following your passion takes a lot of hard work. First-time entrepreneurs might be surprised to find themselves overworked, underpaid, and downright exhausted in the first few months or years of their business. Eventually, that can make or break you. But at IIN you’ll learn how to cope with the stresses of everyday life—like paying off debt or balancing family time and work—with practical advice from experts. You’ll also learn the importance of what founder Joshua Rosenthal calls “primary food,” which encourages self-care and recuperation. Check out our curriculum guide for more information about the experts you’ll learn from.

4. You’ll find out how healthy you actually are—and you’ll learn how to coach yourself

You may not even realize it, but some of the “healthy” habits you’ve adopted over time could actually be having the opposite effect. While going through the program at IIN, you will turn into your first (and most important!) health coaching client. Through lectures, worksheets, and projects, you’ll take a long look at your own health and truly examine whether your daily choices are the best option for you. 


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