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Integrative Nutrition Reviews


Established in 1992, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is the longest standing health coaching and nutrition school with over 155,000 students and graduates in 175 countries. We empower students to uncover the diet and lifestyle practices that work for them, and how to share that knowledge with others when they become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Topping TheBalanceCareers’ list for the nation’s #1 Best Health Coach Certification Programs for 2023 (3 years in a row!), we’ve propelled health coaching into the well-respected and in-demand profession that it is today!

Whether you’re looking to improve your own health and well-being or start a business as a Health Coach – or both – IIN’s Health Coach Training ProgramTM will help you reach your goals. Read on for personal experiences and reviews from IIN graduates and Health Coaches.


Is Integrative Nutrition Really Going to Help Me Get Healthier?


Yes! When you tap into the needs of your unique body, health and transformation are bound to occur! There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diet and lifestyle. This is echoed throughout The Health Coach Training Program curriculum as IIN core concepts, like bio-individuality, that emphasizes finding the foods, exercises, relationships, career, and more that make you feel like the best version of yourself.  


Jil Larsen

Graduated 2012

When I was diagnosed with melasma, I had to make a major lifestyle change, which I didn’t know could have such an incredible ripple effect on my life. All thanks to IIN, I began looking at food as medicine and how all aspects of my life “feed” me! I started juicing from my kitchen and knew immediately that juicing and eating a plant-based diet could make people feel magic – that’s how Magic Mix Juicery, my brick-and-mortar business, was born in 2013. 

Jasmine Graham

Graduated 2009

I enrolled because it was a great next step in figuring out how to combine my knowledge of fitness with my newfound realization of the importance of holistic health. I learned more about various methods of holistic healing, the importance of using food as medicine, and the role of hormones in the body. My Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is now under control, and I credit my success not only to learning more about the impacts of good and bad hormones on the body but also the power of primary food – the need to nourish ourselves through areas of our lives that aren’t food.

Ana Poirier

Graduated 2000

What really sticks with me from my IIN experience are the concepts of honoring uniqueness and primary food. Nobody else is teaching this, and these are SO important. As someone who suffered from an obsessive eating disorder, realizing that my wellbeing extended beyond my plate was a revelation, and something I readily share with my clients with great success.

Can I Make a Living Through Health Coaching?


Yes! The health coaching industry is estimated to be worth $7 billion today, which means there are plenty of employment and career options for Health Coaches. In both the 12-month and 6-month accelerated Health Coach Training Program, students receive the tools they need to start practicing halfway through the program. By the time you graduate, you will be well-prepared to scale up your coaching practice to earn the income you deserve and desire!


Chani Thompson

Graduated 2015

So grateful for the knowledge I learned at IIN which enabled me to transition from a burnt-out and overworked registered nurse into a thriving holistic Health Coach. Today, six years since I graduated, my online global program is open in over 30 countries, with thousands of clients partaking in their health journey with us. I can't recommend this program enough, it has enabled me to learn so much about my own wellness, but also to gift that knowledge to many others around the world.

Jannika Rask

Graduated 2020

Taking the course was the best decision I made last year and it jump started my career in being a holistic Health Coach. I am now working with several clients one-on-one and thrilled to say that I've found my calling. I love helping women feel confident and vibrant in their body -- mentally, physically, and emotionally -- and IIN led me here.

Mike Trugman

Graduated 2020

My primary goal was always to start my own practice, so IIN absolutely helped me get the ball rolling with coaching. An underrated part of IIN is the business resources – learning how to market, sell, and start a business were all part of the curriculum. I have gone from someone who would have been terrified to put myself out there to a confident salesperson and communicator.

What Can I Do When I Graduate?


Janine Rom

Graduated 2017

I was a stay-at-home mom, and enrolled in the program when both of my children had started school full-time. I started working on health and wellness workshops for kids, which ultimately turned into a holistic-based co-op for children ages 5–12, and the curriculum is heavily influenced by what I have learned through IIN!

Sara Wener

Graduated 2021

I worked as a fashion stylist and personal shopper for 20 years. Now, as a life stylist and transformation coach, I support and guide others to learn how to love themselves, find their purpose, connect with their truth, and feel whole and healthy.

Joy Randolph

Graduated 2016

I now work as a holistic career coach, where I help women discover their gifts, fulfill their purpose, and create a joyful life. Learning about primary food at IIN helped me see how our health, happiness, and fulfillment aren’t just influenced by nutrition; they’re also influenced by our career, spirituality, and how we take care of our mind and body. This has been the biggest inspiration for my teachings, and through my YouTube videos, online courses, and public speaking, my work has reached over 1.5 million people and I feel so lucky to do what I do.

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