April 26, 2017
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

5 Self-Care Activities Moms and Kids Can Do Together

Moms, let’s face it, you’ve got a lot to do! Between childcare, work, relationships, cooking, cleaning, homework, bills, and other responsibilities, it’s a miracle how much you accomplish.

But if you’re like most moms, the one thing that’s quick to move down on the list of priorities is your own self-care.

So how can you squeeze this all-important activity into your daily routine? Get creative, and do it with your kids!

Here are 5 ways to enjoy some self-care that’s also fun for kids.

  1. Make smoothies. Let your kids pick the fruit and throw everything in the blender. If you make it too thick it’s essentially sorbet, which is a tasty way to boost your nutrients and give your littles a healthy treat.
  2. Put food on your face. Play with your food and give yourself a facial at the same time. Mashed avocado, eggs, and coconut oil are just a few examples of ideal edible skincare ingredients. Your kids will be thrilled with the opportunity to get a little messy, and they’ll get a kick out of seeing you do the same.
  3. Try acro yogaStart off with a few basic stretches and asanas, and see if your kids are interested in joining you. After a warmup and some thoughtfully-laid padding, play around with acro yoga poses together!
  4. Find a forest. Walking in the woods - also called forest bathing - has immense wellness benefits for both adults and kids. At the very least your kids will be distracted by all the cool stuff in nature, and you can take some deep breaths of fresh air and feel rejuvenated.
  5. Go to sleep early. This one can be done with kids or separately once they go to bed. If most nights you spend the gap between your kid’s bedtime and your own cleaning up, replying to emails, or diligently preparing for the following day, at least twice a week just go to bed. Sleep is the most underrated self-care, anti-aging, energy-lifting remedy there is!

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 Do you have any kid-friendly self-care activities that you enjoy? Please, share below!

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