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Meet Linda ...
Published: June 8, 2024

Meet Linda Black, 2016 Leadership in Health Coaching Award Winner!

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Congratulations to our September 2016 Health Coach Training Program class recipient of the Leadership in Health Coaching Award - Linda Black!

Linda, a Yoga Coach and Instructor with 15 years of experience always had a passion for exercise, movement, mindfulness and nutrition. Her goal with joining Integrative Nutrition was to incorporate nutrition into her yoga coaching business. Since taking the program she has become more confident in her skill set and can now provide her clients with a comprehensive program. IIN was her missing link and she's learned more than she could ever imagine in the one life-changing year! Learn more about this incredible graduate's story below!

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?
I've been a Yoga Coach and Instructor for the past 15 years. I owned a yoga studio for 7 years and founded Corporate Yoga which is a company that brings yoga to the work place. 
Prior to being a yoga instructor I worked in Corporate as a Computer Programmer for 15 years. I graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 1986.

How did your life change after enrolling? (This may be a small change or a large change, in any way)
After enrolling the information and assignments that we were given during the course set me up in a more focused direction. I was scattered before trying to do too much. Learning to focus on one thing was major for me. Once I got it down I could move onto the next goal. The information I received during the course was useful right away and I was able to practice the skills and share with my clients within days/weeks instead of months/years. I gained 3 clients/mo early in the course and seemed to stay steady with my work load. Always picking up a new client when one dropped off without much effort on my part.

Which topics and modules were most beneficial for you? Please list any teachers or ideas that had a major impact on you.
WOW! This is tough because there were so many...
Names I can remember - M. Thakor, David Wolfe, Bernstein??, Mark Hyman, Vani Hari, Angry Moms, Deepak Chopra (his speech on the universe was amazing and made me cry!). 
There were many others. 
The education department personnel at IIN did a remarkable job on all their modules. REally, I loved every one of them. Very professional, clear, and relevant. 
I liked the approach of the finance modules and the easy implementable advice.

What are you doing now? If you have a product or are a practicing Health Coach, briefly describe your focus area/clientele.
My focus now is Yoga Teacher Training.
I also have an 8 month program that I've developed while in IIN that I plan to roll out in 2018. It consists of 4 modules (one per quarter). Each Module is 6 weeks with a 2 week break. Coaching, expert calls, and in-person workshops are all included. The modules are each stand alone or the whole package. 
I added the personal coaching to the package because I believe that is the most important aspect of any program. Having accountability and also having the energy of a group.

What makes you and your practice or product unique?
Coming from a Corporate background and being a Computer Programmer makes my brain analytical. I am results driven, yet can map out a plan to get people where they want to go. My strengths are that I love alignment in the body and in the heart. I take people through an exercise that helps them see their unique gifts and talents so that together we can find ways to halt self-sabotaging behaviors before they have a chance to surface. My approach to good health is very mindful. How you do anything is how you do everything.

How do you help your clients be successful? Can you provide a specific example of someone who had great success or one of your favorite Coach-Client relationships?
One of my favorite clients came to me as a Yoga Coach. Shy, barely walking because of so much pain in her back, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and other ailments. She was on a morphine drip for pain and would frequently work from home because she was unable to get out of bed.
By the end of our year together she had made outside planter boxes for her garden, painted a room in the house, was walking 3 days a week, re-finished a picnic table for outside, and spent less and less time in bed. 
Getting to know her and what was the underlying issue was a journey. I saw courage and perseverance in this person like none other. Her childhood was fraught with validating evidence that she was not worthy. Turning that around took time and paid off!

What do you love about your work?
What I love about my work is seeing the transformation that takes place in someone's life. 
I also love it when clients get that look on their face like "WOW, I really can do this!" or they have an "ah ha" moment that changes their perspective. 
I get up everyday excited about what I do. I meet a lot of really amazing people. I like being a "surprise maker" too. That's someone who goes the extra mile and makes another person smile in surprise. Like sending a gift card or book at the end of our sessions with a note and a summary of their accomplishments. That's a nice surprise! It's like putting the cherry on top.

Is there a need for Health Coaches where you live?
Yes. A very big need.

Check out Linda's website and on Facebook!

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