October 4, 2017

The Best Workout To Do, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We can all agree—just getting in that workout is what matters most. Yet, sometimes it’s hard to build that motivation and stamina to follow through on your wellness goals.

Of course, eating a clean diet that’s rich in whole foods is essential to healthy lifestyle. Yet, diet alone cannot keep you strong and agile—that fitness component is really important for muscle growth, bone density, and a healthy heart.

So, what’s getting in your way of crushing that workout? Boredom? Fatigue?

Perhaps it’s time to switch up your routine and try something new. Based on IIN’s principles of bioindividuality, there’s uniqueness when it comes to healthy living, where there’s no “one diet that fits all,” or one exercise plan that works for everyone. People differ based on personality, genetics, and lifestyles.

And, believe it or not, but the stars play a role, too. There might be some workouts that are better designed for your body and preferences based on your sign. While you don’t need to follow suit, especially if you’ve found other exercises that do bring your pleasure and results, it’s worth looking into and giving a solid shot.

Here, astrologer Valerie Mesa shares her tips for working out based on your zodiac sign.

ARIES: Hotheaded and daring, this fire sign is by far the most competitive in the zodiac. Aries loves all that is lively, aggressive, and action-packed, so it makes sense that their exercise routine doesn’t fall behind. Whether it’s heavy lifting, kickboxing, a spinning class, Olympic crossfit games, it’ll be sure to push Aries to its extremities and be thrilling for them. These rowdy rams are always looking for that adrenaline rush, and they will push themselves to the absolutely limit.

TAURUS: Sensual and Venusian, Taurus is everything Aries isn’t, literally. This earth sign craves comfort and beauty, and so even their workouts might seem a little lavish and tame. Taurus loathes anything that makes them feel competitive or intense, so instead of hitting a HIIT class, they might prefer a quaint ballet class or a bar method class that will get the job done and be enjoyable.

GEMINI: Notorious for getting bored easily, Gemini’s short attention span makes getting a good work out in a challenge. Many workouts are about consistency and diligence, so distraction is certainly not welcome. As the twins need constant mental stimulation, variety is a must. For instance, interval-training workouts that allow periods of hard work followed by brief moments of rest could be perfect for them.

CANCER: Cancers are the most gentle and nurturing of the zodiac and happen to be less inclined to get in that sweat session. This water sign will stop anything and everything to support their family and friends, which is great, but unfortunately, that can make it easy to steer off the exercise path. From Zumba to yoga, Cancer will thrive wherever there is love and support, and these types of classes are all about camaraderie. Familiar settings and group efforts will give them life.

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LEO: Similar to warrior-like Aries, the lion loves to be center of attention and partake in workouts that are energizing and challenging. Leos are front and center at the gym, lifting weights and doing abs, or dancing to their favorite tune. Leo loves working it, and they surround themselves with people who do the same. Another great exercise? Sparring over a boxing match.

VIRGO: Critical and analytical, no one gets in the way of Virgo’s workout. This earth sign thrives on structure and perfection, which can ultimately lead to anxiety, unless they exert caution. Workouts like yoga, Pilates, and activities that require lots of breathing and discipline will bring out the best in Virgo, and as they are committed to a regimen, they can do solo workouts, too. Hot yoga is another option, if they want that extra burn.

LIBRA: Graceful and eloquent, Libras are the charmers of the zodiac. Similar to Taurus, their Venusian sister sign, Libras, too, make excellent dancers. From ballet to exotic flamenco, Libra thrives on all things artistic, and their innate curiosity is one of the many reasons they’re such fast learners. Not in the mood to dance? Libra would also enjoy a 1:1 game of tennis or another sport, like volleyball. They thrive when working in pairs, so any class that features partner drills will be fun and energizing for them.

SCORPIO: Despite their incredible drive and passionate nature, Scorpio can be pretty introverted. That said, you’ll probably never catch this water sign hitting the gym during rush hour, and they might feel less inclined to sign up for yoga at the local studio. So, what’s a good workout for them? Scorpio might sneakily sign up for midnight pole dancing classes on the other side of town or frequent a gym that’s more hidden and taboo.

SAGITTARIUS: Spontaneous and experimental, Sagittarius is a lover of the unknown. Outdoor activities are their favorite past time, and their hunger for knowledge will always take them places. Hiking, rock climbing, or outdoors sports leagues might be a good workout for a Sag. Sagittarius feels at home when they’re surrounded by nature. They’ll explore the world and burn plenty of calories while doing it.

CAPRICORN: It’s safe to say that Capricorn is the team player of the zodiac. From gold medals to championship games, Capricorn thrives on prestige and honor. Workouts that involve time and dedication are fair game for this earth sign. Hardcore boot camp and intense training? No problem. This goat knows that hard work pays off. Whether it’s tedious obstacle courses or body building competitions, Capricorn thrives on fulfilling their goals and really testing their limits.

AQUARIUS: When it comes to exercise, Aquarius and Gemini go hand in hand. Group settings and socializing between workouts can give Aquarius the freedom and energy they need to thrive during a sweat session. Partner workouts and gym buddies give them life, as well as variety. Rebellious and eccentric, Aquarius isn’t very fond of monotony. Try a ClassPass and jump between classes or subscribe to a few fitness YouTube channels and burn calories from the cloud.

PISCES: Elusive and dreamy, Pisces feels best when they are connecting to body and soul. You’ll either find them in the water or in the midst of a spiritual awakening at Kundalini yoga. Dreamy and idealistic, Pisces can easily get lost in their ocean of emotions, so exercise routines that ground and center them work best.

Interested in sharing a few workouts you love? Please share with us below.

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