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Published: June 8, 2024

CBD Oil: What Are the Health Benefits & Is It Safe & Legal?

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Is it safe? What benefits does it have? Is it legal? Or the far too familiar question – will it get me high? Four questions that go hand in hand with the discussion of CBD oil.

CBD oil, aka cannabidiol, is derived from hemp and marijuana plants and is used as a tincture with multiple physiological benefits. But let’s begin by debunking one common misconception.

CBD oil will not get you high. 

CBD oil is derived from marijuana, which contains high amounts of both THC and CBD, but cannabidiol contains trace amounts of THC – typically less than 0.3% – so it’s unlikely to lead to a psychoactive reaction

Still not convinced? Let’s take a deeper look at the difference between the marijuana plant and CBD.

CBD oil is legal in more states throughout the country than marijuana. CBD oil can most commonly be found in the form of an oil dropper, often mixed with other flavors such as olive oil or peppermint. You might even find the powerful compound in smoothies, salad dressings, chocolates, or body lotions.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

According to recent findings, CBD oil may have a wide range of health benefits, including reduced symptoms of anxiety, natural pain relief, decreased inflammation, and improved quality of sleep. It may also be helpful in reducing symptoms of epilepsy.

CBD oil is generally well tolerated among healthy adults. However, like any product, it should be used in moderation. Do your research to be sure you’re purchasing a quality product whose contents match its label, and don’t continuously up the dosage to get more benefits. Pregnant women and individuals on medication might want to avoid CBD oil and should check with their physician if interested in incorporating it into their routine.

As someone who has dealt with her fair share of health ailments after contracting Lyme disease, I can attest to the calming and healing effects of cannabidiol. I have personally noticed a decrease in anxiety, better sleep, the lessening of tremors, and an overall sense of calm when used habitually.


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