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Published: June 8, 2024

Empower You 2018 Winners

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Here at Integrative Nutrition, we’re committed to making it even easier for you to live a healthier, happier life. That’s why earlier this summer we announced a very special opportunity for a chance to win full tuition coverage to the Health Coach Training Program. We asked our community to answer one simple question: How would an Integrative Nutrition education empower you to live your best life?

The response to our Empower You contest was overwhelming, and we received many heartfelt, passionate responses. We’re so proud of everyone who participated in the contest and are grateful to have you all as part of the Integrative Nutrition family.

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to our ten Empower You winners, who were chosen to receive full tuition!

Read on to learn more about each winner!

Erika Beal
South Windsor, CT

“I want to be a part of the ripple effect to create a healthier, happier world. Coming together for such a positive movement is empowering and invigorating and I want in on the action. I want to be a successful business owner and maximize this amazing opportunity to help change the world and my life. I want to change the future for my family and be a part of something bigger than myself. With an education from IIN, I know that I’ll be able to confidently start and build a meaningful, purpose-driven business to help as many people as I can.”

Jennifer Dalton
Bend, OR

“Over the years I have studied a lot about healing our bodies through nutrition, and if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that no two people are the same. I’m excited about an education with IIN because I know the school is a big promoter of bio-individuality, and this feels like the only way to move forward in this education and hopefully future career – seeing people as individuals who have a unique design and history that make them who they are today. My husband works with people to help them find healing on an emotional and spiritual level, and for years we have dreamed of adding the physical and nutritional aspect to his practice. Now that dream is closer to becoming a reality, which is honestly mind-blowing! We hope to offer people a well-rounded approach to healing and to have the same ripple effect on our community as those who have gone before us!”

Kristina David
Miami, FL

"After hearing great things about IIN from my mother, who graduated in 2008, and more importantly witnessing the profound impact it had on her life, I knew that one day I would follow in her footsteps. Driven by my passion to help others, I have been working in hospitals as a registered nurse for the last 10 years. Unfortunately, I see human suffering as a result of preventable chronic illnesses on a daily basis. My experience with working in hospitals and suffering from health problems of my own has ignited my passion for health promotion and inspired me to become a Health Coach. My ultimate goal is to live a vibrant, productive life doing what I love while empowering others to live their best lives.”

Zayra Flores-Ayffan
West Palm Beach, FL

“Gaining knowledge and helping others reach their potential has always been part of my personal mission. My current profession entails helping families, specifically children, cope with trauma and learn to thrive. We live in a stressful world, and most people are living unbalanced lifestyles that only continue the stress cycle. I hope to gain knowledge in how to develop strategies and skills for a healthy mental, emotional, and physical lifestyle that will in turn allow me to help clients build personalized programs and make lifestyle changes that will make a lasting impact.”

Ebonie Hawthorne
Los Angeles, CA

“IIN’s core values spoke deeply to my soul’s desire to become a Health Coach. I hope to gain knowledge that I can both practice and share to impact my community and eventually the world.”

Nicole Hegstad
Minneapolis, MN

“I chose IIN because I wanted a well-rounded education for wellness coaching. I hope to gain not only the education, but also the resources that going to IIN can offer.”

Janel Mitchell
Akron, OH

“I am excited for my journey with IIN! I hope to take my knowledge and newfound experience and share that with as many people as possible. Spreading the message of ‘health is wealth’ is one of my biggest goals at the moment. With the help of this program, I’m assured I will empower and/or save lives.”

Sergio Antonio Perez
Miami, FL

“I hope to gain the knowledge to better care for my health and the confidence to teach and empower others to do the same.”

Kim Rodgers-Melnick
Cleveland, OH

“I am a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) and currently own a private practice where I work with young children and their families as well as adults in hospice care. In my work, I use music interventions and the therapeutic relationship to address goals often related to topics covered in the IIN curriculum, including wellness, stress management, and spirituality. I hope to use the knowledge I gain to provide further benefit to the families and clients with whom I currently work. I am also a runner, a cyclist, and a lover of plant-based nutrition. I have a passion for health and wellness, and I want to share it with the world. I hope that an IIN education will enable me to further explore these passions and guide me toward reaching my potential as a wellness professional.”

Dani Whisel
Warrensburg, MO

“I hope to gain the knowledge to heal and care for myself and my family as well as learn how to create individualized nutrition plans to help others regain their health.”

Thank you again to everyone who participated in our Empower You contest, and congratulations to our winners. We can’t wait for you to start your journey with IIN!

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