May 15, 2019

Travel Essentials to Always Bring with You

Sometimes, just the thought of preparing for travel stresses us out. Packing a suitcase, grabbing our passports, and remembering to turn off the lights at home…these are enough to wrap our brains around!

However, we encourage you to put in the extra effort and include a few essentials in your carry-on. It might be another item to check off your to-do list, but having these items on hand will help you feel relaxed, refreshed, and hydrated while on the go. 


BPA-free water bottle 
Hydration is crucial to staying healthy while traveling. Water can help combat jet lag, prevent dryness, and keep your muscles loose. After going through airport security, fill up your water bottle so it stays cool and you’re good to go prior to boarding! 

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a plane or train for a few hours without anything healthy to eat! To avoid this, stock up on nutritious snacks that are easy to pack. Some of our favorites include fresh fruit, like apples or bananas, dried fruit (with no added sugar), and nutxs and seeds. Plus, packing a salad with gluten-free grains, like quinoa or buckwheat, will help keep you full longer. Just be sure to avoid packing anything with a strong odor!


Let’s face it – our skin dries out and we often don’t sleep well on flights. Instead of walking off the flight feeling sluggish, here are a few go-to beauty essentials to keep in your bag at all times.

  • Sunscreen – especially if you’re going someplace warm! It’s the perfect way to moisturize and protect your skin.
  • Lip balm – hydrating your lips is just as important as hydrating your face.
  • Face wipes – to keep your skin clean and fresh.
  • Hand sanitizer – to kill the germs and boost your immunity.
  • Hand cream – so you can moisturize and prevent dryness all flight long.


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This travel essential is a no-brainer! Packing headphones (especially noise-canceling ones) will ensure you’re blocking out noise that might affect your mood or prevent you from catching up on that much needed shut-eye.

A good book
Whether you prefer downloading one to your tablet or flipping through a paperback, diving into a good book is a great way to relax and keep your mind occupied. And if you often have a hard time staying still for long periods of time, reading might be exactly what you need to make the time pass quickly! 

Eye mask
If you’re sensitive to light or distractions, packing an eye mask might help you relax better. Plus, if you’re traveling during the day, it’s a great way to trick your mind into thinking it’s later than it actually is.


It’s always better to be prepared in case an emergency arises! Packing a mini first-aid kit can come in handy, especially when traveling with kids. We encourage you to include things like Band-Aids, antibacterial ointment, ibuprofen, tissues, cough drops, and motion sickness pills. Plus, don’t forget to include any medications you take regularly.

It’s almost June, which means summer is right around the corner. Do you have any travel plans coming up that you pack some of these essentials for? Let us know in the comments below!

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