June 3, 2019

How to Make Being Healthy More Affordable

Eating and living healthy doesn’t mean you have to compromise other areas of your life! Start feeling good with a few simple tips for budgeting around a healthy lifestyle.


Cook and eat at home.
Buying one coffee here, another smoothie there, and a salad every other day can add up quickly. Instead of purchasing premade food and drinks, try making most of it at home and going out as a special treat. It will feel more rewarding and allow you to save your dollars while eating delicious homemade food made with only ingredients you love.

Shop sales.
It may be obvious, but shopping sales can be a great way to stock up on items in bulk for a lower price. Check online for special savings or sale items and take advantage of items that have long shelf lives to buy in bulk.

Find a less expensive grocery store in your area.
While smaller local grocers are great for specialty items, these stores often have higher price points. Instead of doing your whole shop there, pick up your special products and then head to a grocery store that offers organic items at lower prices.

Take advantage of the freezer.
Frozen foods are a great option, especially when shopping on a budget. These foods are picked and frozen at their peak freshness and can often be found at lower prices. Plus, be sure to take advantage of your own freezer. Freezing leftovers that you don’t have time to eat extends freshness and cuts down on waste, which is great for your budget as well as the planet.

Avoid pre-cut food.
Take the time to cut, chop, and dice your own foods rather than picking it up already done for you – these items are considered “value-added,” and their prices tend to be higher than whole versions. It may take additional time to prepare your meals, but it can be well worth the savings and only takes a few extra steps. 

Don’t shop hungry.
Ever head to the store for a few items when you’re hungry and end up with an entire basket of things you were craving or just looked good? It happens! It’s great to get excited about what you’re eating, but when you’re hungry, things you wouldn’t normally buy can be much more intriguing. These items can add up – making your bill a lot higher than expected.

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Work out on your own.
There’s a variety of platforms that offer fitness tips and tricks for free or at a lower cost than going to a studio. From meditation and yoga to boot camp and HIIT, there are tons of online workouts to help you get your sweat on without breaking the bank.

Find the best time to join.
Whether it’s a holiday class package or a monthly fee, studios and gyms will typically have incentives for you to join and save. Sign up to receive emails about these savings and talk to the reps about when it will work for you.

Download an app that offers class discounts.
Find out if there are studios or gyms in your area on ClassPass, where you pay a lower price to attend multiple studios. Apps like this also offer video workouts if you don’t see options in your area.

Opt for DIY self-care.
Instead of purchasing face creams, body scrubs, and deodorants at a high cost, make them yourself with ingredients already in your cabinets! It takes only a few ingredients to put together luxurious household staples without the luxury costs.

Embrace minimalism.
Prioritize quality over quantity. Figure out the items in your life that mean the most to you and put thought into each new item you buy. This will not only make your life feel less cluttered, but it will help save you money for the things that are truly meaningful to you.

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