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Published: June 8, 2024

What We’re Loving This Month: Vegan Grilling

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Gone are the days of grilling bland veggie burgers. From charred romaine to grilled cauliflower “steaks” and barbecue tofu kebobs, you can easily kick your vegan meals up a notch at your next summer BBQ.

In the past, plant-based eaters had few options for main dishes with the beloved char flavor everyone craves. Today, there are countless ways to get creative. Here are some of our favorite crowd-pleasing dishes that even your meat-loving friends will enjoy!


  • Romaine Wedges – Charring romaine gives it a delicious flavor. Top the wedges with crispy chickpeas and a creamy vegan Caesar dressing for the perfect grilled salad!
  • Cauliflower – Cauliflower “steaks” can be found in almost every vegan cookbook these days. After they’re grilled, drizzle them with vegan pesto[KS1] , lemon juice, herbs, and capers for a tangy touch.
  • Asparagus – Grilled asparagus is a great addition to any nutritious bowl recipe, like this superfood bowl[KS2] . Try drizzling the asparagus with olive oil and balsamic vinegar before grilling for a sweet, caramelized flavor.
  • Zucchini – Grilled zucchini is a common side dish, but why not make it the star of a sandwich? Spread creamy vegan cheese, like this cashew version, [KS3] on toasted grain bread; add the grilled zucchini, some fresh arugula, and sliced tomatoes for the ideal summertime lunch!


  • Watermelon – The key to grilling watermelon is to make sure the grill is extremely hot so that the watermelon does not steam, but rather chars and caramelizes. A squeeze of lime juice, plus a sprinkle of ancho chile powder, flaky sea salt, and cilantro will provide the grilled watermelon with a refreshing burst of sweet and spicy flavor.
  • Pineapple – Grilling pineapple brings out its juiciness. Chop the grilled pineapple and make a salsa with tomatoes, peppers, lime juice, cilantro, etc., for shredded veggie tacos.
  • Peaches –We love adding grilled peaches to summer salads. They taste perfect right when they begin to brown, providing just a touch of sweetness when paired with greens. Give them a try in this pomegranate-peach salad[KS4] .
  • Bananas – Yes, you can grill bananas! In fact, they make a perfect healthy, vegan dessert at BBQs. Sprinkle them with cinnamon and coconut sugar before placing them on the grill. Then eat them over vegan ice cream[KS5] !


  • Tofu –A plant-based protein staple, tofu is an extremely versatile ingredient. For grilling purposes, it can be made into “steaks” or cubed for kebobs. Drizzle a chimichurri sauce on top of the grilled tofu for a bright and zesty main dish.
  • Seitan –Seitan, which is made from high-protein wheat and water, becomes a surprisingly great substitute for meat when grilled. Turn it into a delicious full meal by placing it on a bed of quinoa and grilled vegetables.
  • Tempeh – Like tofu, tempeh is a soy-based protein. To soften its chewy texture, cut it into slices and blanch first. Marinate it in maple syrup, coconut aminos, and rice vinegar for 30+ minutes, and grill until the tempeh is browned.
  • Falafel – Forget the fryer and use your grill to make crispy falafel. Top with your favorite sauce (we like this chia and hemp seed pesto[KS6] ), and offer a build-your-own falafel sandwich or salad with a variety of toppings at your next BBQ.

What are your favorite vegan-friendly grill recipes? Share with us what you’re making this summer!


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