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Published: June 8, 2024

27 Easy Ways to Kiss Cold Season Goodbye (Naturally!)

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Ah, fall and winter, a time to snuggle up in your cozy socks, enjoy endless cups of tea and… be miserable with a slightly new variety of the seasonal companion you thought you had defeated last year: the cold virus.

No thanks!

Believe it or not getting a cold is NOT an inevitable consequence of this time of year.

If you follow a few simple precautionary measures you can definitely reduce the likelihood of catching it, or at least boost your chances of having it be a quickly passing blip in your general well-being rather than an incapacitating swamp of despair.

And if you’re in the unfortunate position of already having a cold, these suggestions will help you get over it quickly!

Here are 27 surefire ways to avoid getting sick this cold season:

  1. Wash your hands… a lot.
  2. Avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes.
  3. Eat raw garlic, lemon, and ginger.
  4. Get outdoors for fresh air every day.
  5. Avoid sugar, starchy foods, and any foods with additives.
  6. Get plenty of sleep.
  7. Do fun things that make you happy.
  8.  Eat lots of colorful veggies and fruit.
  9. Drink chamomile tea.
  10.  Avoid stressful situations, or balance them with relaxation.
  11.  Eat foods with probiotics such as sauerkraut or yogurt.
  12.  Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  13. Take a multivitamin (with zinc and Vitamin D) and fish oil.
  14.  Eat healthy protein every day, such as eggs, beans, meats, nuts, or seeds.
  15.  Exercise a few times a week and break a sweat.
  16.  Drink plenty of water.
  17.  Don’t breathe in what someone else just breathed out.
  18.  Do a daily nasal rinse with a bulb syringe or neti pot.
  19.  Make your own fresh juice.
  20.  Avoid touching surfaces that lots of other people touch.
  21.  Take oregano oil at the first sign of any symptoms.
  22. Get a monthly massage to relax and release toxins.
  23.  Sanitize the surfaces you use frequently, such as your phone or keyboard.
  24.  Dress appropriately to avoid the stress of shivering when it’s cold.
  25.  Take hot baths with lavender oil or Epsom salts.
  26.  Make homemade bone broth.
  27.  Take good care of your teeth.

Did we miss your favorite cold remedy or prevention tip? Please share in the comments below to keep the list going!


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