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Published: June 8, 2024

How the IIN Community & Their Families Are Staying Healthy During COVID-19

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Families are spending more time together now than ever before. 

Finding the silver lining in any challenging situation can be helpful to gain perspective and begin to cope with change. In this particular period of time, finding silver linings amidst a global pandemic seems unrealistic, but they’re there! One such silver lining that our community has been talking about is this unprecedented opportunity they’ve had to spend time with family, whether it’s their kids, their partner, or their parents. 

Some people just have their immediate family under the same roof, but for others, it could also look like bringing in and taking care of older relatives, or adopting new four-legged family members. Many people have also been living alone during this time, relying on phone and video calls to stay connected to family members all over the world. 

Whether alone or together, virtual or in-person, families have come together to help one another navigate this difficult time. We here at IIN talk a lot about primary food, the areas of our lives that can nourish and fill us up – essentially, anything found off our plates that bring us joy and purpose. 

One primary food area that has gotten a lot of attention these days? You guessed it – family and relationships! We wanted to know how our students and graduates were feeding themselves in this area of primary food, what they’ve learned about family, and how they’re keeping their families happy and healthy. Watch the video below to hear what they said! 

Tell us how you’re taking care of your family and health during this time! Share with us @nutritionschool on Instagram and Facebook. 

June 8, 2024

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