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Published: June 8, 2024

How to Contribute to the Holistic Wellness of the LGBTQIA+ Community

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We’re celebrating Pride Month (beyond just this month) by spotlighting organizations and communities that devote themselves to the wellbeing of those within the LGBTQIA+ community all year, with a holistic twist: by utilizing IIN’s own Circle of Life .  

Below you’ll find organizations corresponding to every category of the Circle, from career resources to creative programs all of which are highly respected, highly rated, and very much in need of community support. We offer this resource guide as a steppingstone to helping those in the LGBTQIA+ community to find their own journey to holistic wellness 

We encourage allies or community members to choose an organization within the Circle of Life categories that you feel passionate about and contribute in any way you can (whether it be through donations, volunteering, or simply raising awareness by sharing on your platforms). For those within the LGBTQIA+ community, we hope that these resources are helpful on your journey! 
Together, we can work to ensure that holistic wellness is an inclusive, safe space for everyone.

Creativity Resources:  

Help those looking to expand their creativity in an inclusive setting. 

  • QSPACE (A community that focuses on architectural inclusivity for LGBTQIA+ individuals)  

  • FREE THE WORK (A BIPOC and LGBTQIA+-specific creative resource list) 


Spirituality Resources:  

Help those seeking spiritual guidance without the threat of potential exclusion. 

  • Mystic SOUL (LGBTQIA+/BIPOC-led spiritual education) 

  • Keshet Foundation (A Jewish organization focusing on the protection of LGBTQIA+ youth) 


Finance Resources:  

Help those looking for financial aid and literacy. 


Career Resources:  

Help those looking to get off their feet, find new careers, and/or maintain financial freedom.  


Education Resources:  

Help those looking to find safety, support, and inclusivity within the American educational system. 

  • GLSEN (A community with a mission to create safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ within schools)  

  • Little Lights (An anti-racism resource and education program) 


Health Resources:  

Help those looking for inclusive aid for their mental, emotional, and physical health. 

  • Callen Lorde - (A New York-based provider of sensitive, quality healthcare for the LGBTQIA+ community) 


Physical Activity Resources:  

Help those looking to incorporate physical wellness into their lives in an inclusive, therapeutic setting. 


Home Cooking Resources:  

Help those looking to incorporate holistic wellness into the home through inclusive culinary education. 


Home Environment Resources:  

Help those looking for support after being forcibly unhoused or in need of housing resources. 


Relationship Resources:  

Help those looking for LGBTQIA+ relationship guidance, support, or help from abusive situations. 

  • Wild Diversity (Provides relationship-building education among LGBTQIA+/BIPOC) 

  • Love is Respect (A resource guide for LGBTQIA+ relationship advice or aid from domestic abuse) 


Social Life Resources:  

Help those looking for other LGBTQIA+ members, allies, or networks. 

  • Q Chat Space (An all-inclusive, completely safe chatting space for LGBTQIA+ teens) 

  • Queer Spaces (A helpful resource guide for finding LGBTQIA+ communities locally) 


Joy Resources:

Help those looking for more happiness, joy, or love in their life. 

  • The Happy Org (An organization that seeks to redefine LGBTQIA+ empowerment through inclusive wellness activities. Founded by the youngest graduate of our IIN coaching courses, Haile Thomas) 

  • It Gets Better (A worldwide resource for LGBTQIA+ youth and adults looking to improve their happiness through community and mental health by embracing their journey) 


At IIN, we seek to emphasize the importance of inclusivity in the world of holistic health and wellness. We’re always learning, and always looking to improve to create a more diverse wellness community.  

For those looking to make an impact through immersive health and life coaching, be sure to look at our transformational coaching courses, and have a Happy Pride!


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