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Published: June 8, 2024

IIN Advocacy Update: Making Impact in All Communities

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Every month, we’re sharing the notable work that our director of advocacy and IIN graduate, Darrell Rogers, is doing in Washington, D.C., to increase the visibility and recognition of Health Coaches.

Wellness is often considered a luxury of fancy workout classes, expensive supplements, and healthy meal-delivery services that only interests those who are affluent.

Integrative Nutrition knows that is not true and the path to wellness is something anyone can pave. Wellness is defined as the process of being mindful and making choices toward a healthy lifestyle. Learning and incorporating the behaviors, habits, thoughts, and foods that lead us to better health is something that should be accessible in all communities.

IIN recently participated in an event at Anacostia High School, a historic and newly renovated high school in Washington, D.C., that serves the city’s most challenged students and neighborhoods.


About 50 student athletes gathered to hear from Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Shenita-Ann Grymes, former Capitol Hill staffer Jocelyn Hong, and former professional football player Claude Harriott about habits that can transform health and build resilient minds and bodies.

From mindfulness to trust, the conversation focused on the challenges these children face and what the future could look like for them. Most important, the students spoke their minds and were engaged – an achievement in itself for 14- to 16-year-olds at the end of a school day!


For our next visit, we’re planning to host healthy eating demos, cooking workshops, and a how-to for delicious smoothies while living in a food desert with limited access to fresh foods. We are excited to continue making a difference in these children’s lives and making it known that the path to wellness is for everyone!

We know how valuable Health Coaches can be in the healthcare system to help bridge the gap between doctors and patients and provide the support and resources patients need to reach their health goals. IIN is committed to the success of every graduate making a difference in their communities, and this advocacy work aims to further support our graduates in all that they do. 

Darrell Rogers began his career in Washington, D.C., twenty years ago and has worked for members of Congress and several notable nonprofit organizations and political campaigns. More recently, his work has been committed to protecting and promoting holistic healthcare access.


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