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Published: June 8, 2024

Lauren Imparato on Quitting Corporate Work to Launch a Wellness Center

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Many people who work in a grueling corporate job find respite in yoga, and for Lauren Imparato, her passion became the path to a fulfilling new career. 

Once a Vice President at Morgan Stanley, Lauren left Wall Street in 2009, enrolled at Integrative Nutrition, and the rest, as they say, his history. Lauren launched her own yoga studio and lifestyle company I.AM.YOU, offering health coaching and yoga classes all under one roof. I.AM.YOU is now one of New York City’s premier boutique studios, and Lauren has been profiled as a top yoga and health expert in media outlets across the country. 

Lauren is taking over our Instagram account today – follow along here to see what she’s up to! Read more about Lauren’s inspiring story below. 

Prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition: I worked in fixed income emerging markets for Morgan Stanley on the Wall Street trading floors. A serious athlete, I always scoffed at yoga’s hippie ineffectiveness. That said, I tried yoga as a way to diversify my 60 miles of running a week. I got addicted, soon practicing seven days a week. After a few years of daily practice and study, I began teaching friends yoga for free. Soon our loft was packed with people for these classes. 

On founding her wellness practice: Colleagues and friends began asking for nutritional help. Then it hit me - there was not a lens for wellness that was effective, realistic, and undogmatic, one that understood working hard and playing hard, as well as the extreme stress of office life and modern urban and suburban living. So, soon after being promoted, I quit to start I.AM.YOU., the first ever 360 degree lens for wellness based on yoga, nourishment, mindset and music. 

On attending Integrative Nutrition: I knew I wanted something without dogma, and strict regulations did not jive with me. We all have different bodies that change throughout the years and days. Integrative Nutrition allowed me the freedom to learn about various nutritional theories and apply them as I saw fit for my various clients and myself. 

I am never going to suggest something that is not realistic for your daily life schedule, nor am I going to insist you go gluten-free, sugar-free, meat-free, life-free. I eat it all, and so can you. If you learn to listen to what your body wants and needs, which I help you with.

On finding her ideal diet: I was a vegetarian my entire time on Wall Street. Soon after starting I.AM.YOU., I started eating red meat again. Integrative Nutirtion gave me the confidence to stand by the decision my body was telling me to make. IIN is about the freedom of doing what works for you. 

On her current work: I offer one-on-one sessions, workshops, and lectures, as well as regular writings on my blog. The cool part is watching people change their habits without even knowing they are doing it, and see that years later they have stuck. Effective, lasting, non yo-yo trendy, and real.

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