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Published: June 8, 2024

Scientist & Health Coach Dr. Rhea Mehta on Science and Inspiration

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When you hear the title “molecular toxicologist,” chances are you don’t think of inspiration and green juice. But Dr. Rhea Mehta, Class of 2014, isn’t your typical scientist. This doctor in molecular toxicology and nutritional biochemistry combines her background in research with her passion for healthy living to create a truly holistic health coaching practice.

Having left her job as a researcher to work full-time as a Health Coach, Rhea is now spreading a ripple effect of health and happiness one client at a time. She’s taking over our Instagram account today – follow along here to see what she’s up to!

Read below to learn about Rhea’s unique journey!

On her life as a scientist: Prior to IIN, I was working for a startup in research commercialization as a business development manager. As a PhD in Molecular Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, I was heavily interested in the business of bringing scientific products to market. This role was intellectually stimulating, and fed both my expertise and interests in science and business.

On becoming a full-time entrepreneur: As a frequent blogger, wellness retreat and workshop host, and someone who had already created a growing social movement focused on plant-based whole food education and motivation, I knew my calling was in the world of health, but I wasn't sure how I was going to monetize it. 

Integrative Nutrition offered a solution that made sense, in the context of curriculum, time-management, and community exposure and support. I really wanted to jump into my passion-work full on, and when I started at IIN, I very quickly developed the confidence and courage to leave my career and commit to being a full-time entrepreneur.

On how Integrative Nutrition changed her life: My life changed in a massive way upon enrolling at IIN! My sense of purpose grew stronger, and I formed the courage to quit my job and show up fully for the world. The more I let go of fear and personal limitations, the more my life fell into place. I signed up for IIN in the summer of 2013, and that January I received my first call from a prospect without having even advertised for my services. Very soon, I had a lineup of clients I was supporting, and more importantly, I had a group of individuals I was genuinely helping to heal and align with their own life purpose. Today, I like to say that my clients are my healing! They give to me as much as I give to them, in love and gratitude. It's a beautiful exchange.

On her current work as a Health Coach: Today, I'm continuing to grow my brand presence, both online and offline, and I'm a practicing Health Coach. Right now, I'm working with change makers with a variety of needs and health challenges, like stress, difficulty implementing healthy habits at work/home, digestive upset, low energy and drive, obesity, depression and general health confusion. 

I've helped many of my clients feel more aligned with their life mission. This is something I didn't expect to happen, but rather, it was something I discovered on the job! I've had a client leave his career to pursue his passion, after learning how to take charge of his health. I've had another client end an unhealthy romantic relationship and shortly after, begin to attract her "ideal man." I'm happy to say I coached her through this, and it was as enlightening an experience for her as it was for me.

On spreading a ripple effect: I get to support the health of people doing really good work in this world. The more I can help them create healthy habits and shifts in their own lives, the better our chances are at living a more fulfilling life as a collective. I love it when my clients get that “aha” moment - that moment when everything starts to fall into place, in health and happiness. I look forward to that moment and that's what keeps me doing what I'm doing.

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