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Published: June 8, 2024

The Real Secret Behind Juice Company Love Grace's Success

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“Health should be fun and delicious.” This is the mission of Love Grace, a juice line co-founded by Integrative Nutrition graduates Carissa-Ann Santos and Jake Mabanta, Class of 2009… and we couldn’t agree more! 

Combining their unique backgrounds – Jake worked as a chef and Carissa-Ann in fashion – this dynamic duo has achieved tremendous success since launching Love Grace just four years ago. Their juices are now available in supermarkets and yoga studios across the country, and they ship to anywhere within the USA. 

What’s the secret to Love Grace’s success? A lot of hard work, of course, but we’re so inspired by their infectious enthusiasm and passion. Jake and Carissa are taking over our Instagram account today – check it out to see what they’re up to! 

Read below for an interview with Carissa-Ann to learn more about what inspired her to enroll at Integrative Nutrition and what she loves most about her work! 

On enrolling at Integrative Nutrition: I was in fashion working for Betsey Johnson in NYC as her in-house model and design assistant. It was amazing fun, very creative and a ton of hours! I was living on coffee and lattes. It was there that I transitioned to drinking green juice and superfood smoothies for more sustainable energy. 

I was so excited about ultimate nutrition! I was incorporating juices, raw foods and superfoods into my diet. I was always researching and exploring to get as much information as I could on holistic health and being a superhuman. When I discovered IIN it just made sense to be in the community of like-minded health enthusiasts. 

On connecting with the IIN community: It was really amazing to be opened up to a community of wellness people sharing a similar vision. It was exhilarating to step into the possibility of being a health professional. It was my passion, after all! It was great to be in fashion and bring this element of health to the industry. Just by me living it and sharing made a profound difference. 

On her favorite part of the curriculum: I am so grateful I was introduced to Victoria Moran's work while at IIN. I still think of what she said to this day. She explained that special moments are like little pearls. Our life is like a string of pearls. And we can make any moment special. I love that. 

On launching her own juice line: Jake Mabanta and I created Love Grace in 2011, a certified USDA organic, non-GMO cold-pressed juice and superfood smoothie company. It started organically as an extension of our lifestyle. We came together through our love for live-food and human potential. Green juice plays a major role in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Today we're available in supermarkets, wellness centers, yoga studios and more. We ship nationwide, too! Our clients range from moms, professionals, yogis, people with serious health challenges to professional athletes looking for peak performance. Great nutrition is for everyone. 

On a memorably successful client: Max is a yoga teacher and mom in her 40s. She called to rave about her results and we will never forget it. It's one of our favorites. Sleepy Max is how her family referred to her. She had chronic fatigue syndrome and every single day since 20 years old she had to take a nap. 

On day one of her juice cleanse with Love Grace, she called to tell us that she experienced a miracle. For the first time in 20 years, she had enough energy to get through a whole day. By the end of her 3-day juice cleanse she was free from fatigue. 

She now incorporates our juices regularly. It's amazing to see someone reclaim hours of their day back, have the energy not just to stay awake but to be with their children and do what they love. Amazing. 

What makes her company unique: We're committed to people being fully self-expressed in the world. That very intention is at the core of every choice we make. Bottom line. The quality, flavor, and pristine ingredients also set us apart. I think really walking-the-talk and being the #LoveGraceLifestyle says a lot. This is who we are. This is what we want to drink and how we want to feel. We are compelled to share it and make real nutrition easily accessible. People have the right to real food. 

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