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We are
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30 years, 30 stories, 30 Well BeIINgs Changing the World

Celebrating graduates of IIN’s Health Coach Training Program in honor of our 30th anniversary.

Sofia Rodrigues

Transitioned From a Career in Pharma to Coaching

Sah D'Simone

International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Guide

Abbie Crane

Mom of 3 and Leading a Heart-Centered Life

Ethan Schiff

Passionate About Helping Others After Weight Loss Journey

Heather Moffatt

Colon Cancer Survivor and Devoted to a Spiritual Practice

Marcus Rendon

Creates Safe Spaces for Men to Explore Their Holistic Wellness

Ashley Whitt Essman

Advocate for Healing with Food, Self-Love, and Self-Care

Kailey Donewald

Champions Food as Medicine for Physical and Mental Health

"Everything about my life changed after I enrolled in IIN. I loved everything about the program, and as I learned to love and take care of myself again, I felt my passion return."

Carla Contreas
Grad 2018

"IIN changed my life completely. I now live a life of purpose, with passion and surrounded by beautiful people."

Maria Jose Flaque
Grad 2018

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